Tuesday 3 July 2012

"Remove Stag And Hen Parties"

You will have noticed that people who spend their lives wishing to ban or restrict the choices of others are often described here as 'miserable'.

Why? Well, here's an example. While you were at work today, Balance NE (state-funded finger-waggers who have featured here before) have been spending the day - and the taxes you've been working to pay - at a seminar in Durham.

The Twitter tag #MakeItLessAvailable has been covering the event, and reveals many similarities with other campaigns I could mention. Although they are bite size snippets, the hyperbole, manipulated stats, and general gross exaggeration shine brightly throughout.

This tweet, though, jumped out of the page as a perfect exhibit of why these people are so very dangerous and, yes, miserable.

The CH refers to one of the speakers, Charles Holland, who is a legal expert on licensing. Presumably, the reference to "removing" stag and hen parties is something which might materialise under new powers granted by our coalition government. You know, the one which swept into office promising to hand us back all those freedoms Labour kept taking away.

Despite there already being laws available to punish those who cause trouble - due to alcohol or totally sober - it's not enough to build a campaign, and career, on so stag and hen parties will have to go. Because you just know organisations like Balance NE are just the type to have lobbied for such new powers.

It matters not that the vast majority of stag and hens go off without incident, and that they have been part of our culture for decades if not centuries. When the state-funded monkey needs feeding, nothing is safe.

Misery for you. Paid for by your taxes.


nisakiman said...


They just can't help themselves, can they?

20Rothmans said...

Handsome devil, isn't he?

I'd also guess his BMI is higher than mine - and definitely yours, Dick.

The capacity of other people to hijack money forcibly taken from us and splunk it in some great circle jerk is boundless.

I am no fan of hen nights or stag dos. I avoid at all costs anywhere that is renowned for them. However, they are entitled to have a good time, and even if they do affect me (i.e., drive me somewhere else) so be it.

Unlike our bansturbator friends, I know full well that I don't own the fucking planet and I have to make room for others.

Change or else said...

Sadly for me as a Life long Tory it seems we will have to start now,well
before the next election,to tear the Cameron clique to pieces.
They prolongue socialists dogma,they renegade on their word,they allow
themselved to be pawns for unseen lobbyists,they are completely out of touch with the real voters.Somehow the remaining Consevatives with some integrity must dismantle this coven of liars and traitors
It is obvious they have pitched their tent in  Notting Hill and Bloomsbury
with the "ban and regulate " malignant disciples,the Trot and Chattering

Withering Blue

Edgar said...

It seems to have changed its name to 'Balance', although still based in the North-East. Tentacles are spreading. Actually, I live in Newcastle and, like 20Rothmans above, I don't particularly want to get involved in stag parties or any kind of mass piss-up, so I avoid the Bigg Market and the Quayside on Friday nights. It's no hardship.

Sam Duncan said...

Can't we remove tax-funded temperance seminars instead? It'd be a lot simpler to do.