Wednesday 25 July 2012

Nothing Is More 'Morally Wrong' Than Ignoring The Public

Seeing as one of government's thieves brought it up yesterday, let's talk about things which are "morally wrong", shall we?

This is happening in the US, but could equally apply to any westernised democracy (ha!) you might mention, including ours. New York's Mayor Bloomberg has initiated a law banning the sale of large soda drinks - plus, by the by, the use of the cups they are served in - and looks like making absolutely sure no public voice will be listened to if it objects.
Over the course of 11 years, since the unfortunate election of a man named Michael Bloomberg as Dear Leader of this city, we have learned through personal participation in the process that any hearing held on matters of alleged "public health" that seek to infringe upon the free choice of individuals to enjoy otherwise legal products by eliminating choice through force of law are nothing more than theatrical productions. The matter was decided the minute the idea entered Bloomberg's and his health police's (aka Health Commissioner Thomas Farley, aka hearing board members) heads.

The invitation to testify is motivated not by sought after genuine fairness but to create a perception of such. Where it's long held that government answers to the people a hearing should be "this is our idea, tell us what you think," instead of "this is what we're going to do, now convince us (ha ha) otherwise if you can."
Ring any bells?
There is no convincing men on a mission, like Commissioner Farley, of anything else when he ludicrously says, in order to support his position that this is any of goverment's business, that, "If a virus were killing 5,800 people this year, people would be clamoring for government action to stop it," as if an uninvited contagious disease ("virus") is comparable to a beverage choice by personal invitation.

Dropping off written comments strictly for the record and then snubbing this sham of a "hearing" would have a greater impact than attending in some tremendously blind misguided belief that anything said there will make one bit of difference. Especially now, in light of the fact that yesterday Bloomberg vindicated C.L.A.S.H.'s position by snorting, when asked what he thinks of the protests, "Nobody's going to stop this."
It's the modern way, unfortunately.

The state and its hired goons will happily take every penny possible from you; spend it on whatever lunacy enters their tiny minds on a whim; and then spend even more denying you any way of raising your concerns.

"Morally wrong"? There is nothing, and I mean nothing, more morally wrong with the world than governments which have deliberately and systematically manoeuvred themselves into a position of immunity from criticism and censure by their electorate.

Pass those laws, fuckers, just don't expect them to be respected or anyone to believe you are acting 'democratically' unless you start listening to those who disagree with you (forlorn hope, I know). That façade collapsed years ago.


…Zaph said...

We could vote the bastards out if it wasn't for the fact that the other side is just as bad.

Hopefully, as some point, they will go too far and have to deal with an epic shitstorm of public hate and protest.

And hopefully that'll be televised. Get the popcorn in.

20Rothmans said...

People like Bloomberg will always play the Ace of Spades - the Nazi card - when you ponder why Jews seems to be so much in favour of controlling things - not that I would ever do so.

Of course, they might figure prominently in the control politics we've all come to love over the last forty years. That is mere coincidence. The bloody Buddhists are at it and all!

Zachor said...

Zaph, there is an answer to that.  Don't vote for the big three.  Vote whatever you want but don't vote big three.  OK we might end up with a parliament that contains some loons but it's better a few loons than complete set of crooks. 

Tom said...

And so He said, while at the Temple, "Give ye thy earnings, in taxes, to Caesar, so government can do the moral thing and spend thy money in abundance for words inflicting great health, safety and security binded onto thou people. And whence tithings to Caesar decrease, since spending must increase for higher moral purpose, give thee more, thou shall not complain, and no longer pay cash out of pocket, avoiding taxes, for thou has done immorality in the eyes of your Lord, Caesar." Something like that.

junican41 said...

Bloomberg seems to have become (or maybe always was) an aristocrat. Like all aristrocrats, be believes that he has the right to command and that the serfs will never have the gall to contradict him. CLASH has put a temporary brake on his aristocratic ambitions, but what SHOULD happen is an uprising of the serfs. The serfs, in this case, are all and every person who sells 'soda'. There should be marches and demonstrations and an absolute refusal to obey. Any attempts to fine a serf should be met with derision and rotten eggs.

This is how tyrants and aristocrats are brought down - people action.

In other words, it should be the SELLERS of these drinks who protest, and not the CONSUMERS. Is that not what went wrong with the Smoking Ban?