Saturday 14 July 2012

Link Tank 14/07

Is it raining? How unusual!

Just shut up about school meals

Music gets in your head and changes your brain

Bloomberg's daft law sees New Yorkers fined for drinking beer on their own property

McDonald's reveal how to make their Big Mac 'special sauce'

Did Olympics organisers fail to plan for London's rain?

Single men banned from Abu Dhabi beach areas

Alcohol prohibition not going too well in Iran

Approved and unapproved hate speech

The strategy, arguments and psychology of bans

Dinosaur porn


Mr A said...

That New York story is frightening.  While it's encouraging that "police state" is mentioned many times in the comments, as are arguments about what is private and public space, there are no mentions of how NY's famous smoking ban lead to this...  A stoop is one thing, but a bar is clearly private property!  Indeed, the only comment about smoking is from some muppet wanting it banned on stoops!  (Although he has no recommendations, thankfully).  Just goes to show how deep the brainwashing goes - I bet most of those people moaning about "police states" and "private armies" see nothing wrong with smoking bans.

Tom said...

Yes. You nailed it. The same people who are merely just beginning to wake up and slightly starting to notice a police state emerging are the same ones who have thus far not been treated horribly the way "the smokers" have - and are still in denial about smoking bans, are still encouraging smoking bans and anti-smoker hatred - then, to my amazement, they sit back and wonder "why oh why" they are seeing a police state emerge after them and everyone else - next - all the while openly (by spouting anti-smoker pro-ban hatred) or tacitly (by saying nothing) binding the chains around them more tightly.

If this is true, and I believe it is how people have been cleverly brainwashed to erroneously ohsobelieve things - then the public has been oh-so duped into accepting and bringing about an eventual authoritarian dictatorship - putting their own necks (and that of "the childreeeen" they claim to ohsolove by way of smoking bans) into the noose - willingly.

What better way to bring about total control of the population other than to get them to agree to it themselves - and the Anti-Smoking Industry was and still is the base root lie/fraud that was designed as the main vehicle to accomplish that end.

Also, is that is true, then one sees why no amount of logical discussion on this matter with authorities or the elite political class will result in any change - whatsoever. For, they REQUIRE a smoking ban, at the root - for everything else now falling into place.

Smoking bans and the anti-smoker hate industry are THE ROOT - the lie and fraud of false "goodness" from which everyone is duped into ohsobelieving - and thus have sealed their own fates now, as was intended.

Churchmouse said...

Thanks, Dick, for the mention!

The article on music was interesting, especially as when I was growing up and read about tunes going through one's head in health columns, the doctors said it was a sign of tinnitus. Hmm.

All the best