Thursday 26 July 2012

Voices We Should Safely Ignore

I've counted to ten so many times with this guy recently. Lord knows I've tried but, Jamie Oliver, please stop with this stuff already.
Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has criticised sports stars David Beckham and Gary Lineker for promoting junk food.

The television presenter, who forced the Government to introduce nutrition rules in schools after highlighting the unhealthy meals served to pupils, has added his name to a letter which condemns the use of athletes in commercials.
Look, guys and gals, "television presenter" are the operative words here. Say it was "London Black Cab driver", what would be your reaction? Shut your trap? Couldn't agree with you more.

Especially since the country won't even listen to them on the subject of transport in London, yes. Perish the thought, eh?

So why is anyone listening to someone who has such a loose link with his subject matter, and seriously believes that the young will die before their parents because of a few cans of coke or a Big Mac here and there. The man is quite insane, or at the very least a bit of an easily-conned dick.
The letter, published in the Times, reads: 'On the eve of the London Olympics we, a group with a vested interest in improving the health and wellbeing of young people, express our grave concern about this trend.'
Well, we know what Jamie's vested interest is, don't we? It's shifted thousands of books via a TV series, and got him over to the US for another version ... where they told him to poke his mockney nose where the sun don't shine.

And why not? Because as others have mentioned, Jamie's brand of holier-than-thou is nothing more than self-aggrandising snobbery.

I mean, let's talk about Oliver's pristine credentials, shall we? This is the guy who is absolutely certain that he doesn't want things banned. Oh no, billy-oh.
A spokesman for Jamie Oliver, who has championed improved nutrition in schools, said: 'He is completely against a ban on butter. He uses butter in his recipes, for example for roasting potatoes in his Christmas programme.

'He doesn't like the whole kind of food police, we must ban everything, point of view.'
Course not, except when ... err, hold on, did that say "a spokesman for Jamie Oliver"? Good grief with bells on, that our sad bovine world has come to this.

I digress.

Course not, except when he is advocating a ban on butter ... for others who don't earn millions for their point of view, like he does.
School cooks are being told to stop using butter in sandwiches to help tackle childhood obesity.

They are being urged to use a reduced-fat spread or none at all as part of a tough nutrition regime coming into force today.

However, the directive – part of the school meals revolution demanded by Jamie Oliver – was greeted with shock and bemusement last night.
Nothing from the 'spokesman', but then it doesn't hurt Jamie's income, that one.
Other signatories to the letter are [...] and London cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra.

Dr Malhotra, who has called for a ban on junk food sponsorship of the Olympics, said: 'It is totally perverse that some of the main sponsors of the greatest sporting spectacle in the world are McDonald’s and Coca-Cola.
It's also quite perverse that anyone takes an agenda-driven crank like Malhotra with any degree of seriousness.

This is the company Oliver keeps these days. The guy appears to be so malleable and credulous that I truly think he would believe that Screw Fix Direct is a dating agency if someone pranked him.
'The very lucrative financial gain for these athletes is sadly at the expense of our children’s health and we should not allow this to continue.'
Much of the very lucrative financial gain for Jamie Oliver is also sadly at the expense of everyone else except Jamie bastard Oliver!
'With celebrity status comes responsibility. So rather than helping to fuel this nation’s growing obesity crisis, these stars can play a key role in helping stem it.'
Hey, Jamie! With celebrity status also comes the responsibility to not be an over-bearing bore who forces one's opinions on the public who are very happy with Pepsi, McDonald's and other consumer products, thank you very much. It might not be the view in Hoxton where they name their kids after fairies, flowers and teddy bears, but in the real world your cash-trousering should have no effect on anyone else whatsoever. How arrogant that you think it should.

Yet one more example of how the public is sucked into a position where they feel it perfectly acceptable to interfere in the lives and choices of others. The producers being promoted are rich simply through the massive support they receive from the public. The celebrities advertising their products are entirely in keeping with the proper order of the world.

A letter from a collection of state-funded career prohibitionists, self-described vested interests, utter lunatics, and profit-chasing hypocrites like Jamie Oliver should be discarded as irrelevant, but you just know some airhead in Westminster will think it the most important thing he's ever seen.

Sadly, Oliver is one of the 1% of irritating dickheads that incessantly use their ill-gained influence to negatively affect the lives of the other 99% of us.

Hmmm. 1% controlling 99% for self-interest? I reckon there's a publicity angle there.


Budvar Yorks said...

I had some sympathy with "Jaimies" school dinner thing, as school meals were and still are, er..  Shite!.
Yes, a bit more Meat n two veg type meals and a bit less hotdogs, chips, vegetarian and fucking sandwiches. If I wanted my kids to eat fucking sandwiches, I'd knock them up at home for pennies, and not pay 2 an half quid for them.

When my girls were at school, this really used to chafe my balls when I asked them what they had for lunch, and the reply was sandwiches. It was because with 2 sittings, that's all there was left.

Getting back to "Jaimie", he couldn't just go with how to do the said meat n two veg dinners on budget, oh no he had to stray into his usual twattery with fucking asparagus and the like. FFS.

JonathanBagley said...

You forgot to mention what a lard arse he is these days. I haven't seen any photos of Jamie in his underwear, but David Beckham looks fantastic - in a non-sexual way of course.

Tom said...

Gordon Ramsey, Jamie Oliver, day and night. I personally prefer seeing Ramsey on the TV. At least on his professional chef cooking contest shows in the US out of LA, nearly every chef on there, between cooking challenges, runs upstairs to the living quarters where they all sit there chain smoking and drinking, the TV cameras showing it all, as in real life things really are.

Senzar said...

Oliver? Fat, fucking cunt.

I had not had butter except in cooking, for years, right up until the murmerings against it began. Since then I've had nothing but butter and will not allow 'spread' in the house. Butter has no artificial ingredients, has been made for centuries and is a staple of Western Anglo-Saxon diet. It powered the Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution and the Space Program.

Margarine however is a man-made grease concoction full of what can only be described as crap and is responsible for tree hugging, simpering, no-risk, socialist hippies and the Lib Dems.

Don't get me started on salt.