Friday 3 October 2014

How Stoptober Really Views Smokers

The UK's first state-funded anti-smoking organisation ASH (motto: "denormalising you with your money since 1972") claim that they "do not attack smokers or condemn smoking". It's a debatable point, but the huge tax sponging industry they have spawned don't seem to share the same mission statement, it appears.

Nice of those folks at Stoptober to reveal what they really think about the smokers they are supposed to sympathise with, eh?

Fresh from Ashtongate, it seems that the 'public health' cartel still don't realise that taking our taxes and insulting the public is a pretty stupid thing to do. It also further shows that they have no clue how to handle social media responsibly (with our taxes) no matter how many seminar sessions (paid for by us) they have attended on the subject.

I suppose it's to be expected considering their target audience for decades has been psychotic scum like those we have highlighted here before, but still.

I'm sure you're very reassured that {cough} highly-respected politicians believe 'professionals' who post like this on Twitter are model citizens and should be shovelled skiploads of your hard-earned cash.


UPDATE: TT tweets more casual Stoptober contempt for its 'clients'.


Tom said...

And public tax money is what funds government agencies online hurling insults at entire segments of the population? Amazing they can get away with it and not be reported or defunded for this type of unprofessional activity.

fnwanners said...

The Stoptober propaganda on TV says : someone who stops for 28days is more likely to stop for good. The truth needs a little more analysis. A smoker can stop for 28 days and motivate themselves by knowing that it's only for 28days and then they can smoke again. A smoker who continues not to smoke likely had quitting outright as there game plan when they began the process so their success should not be attributed to Stoptober campaign. So given these examples of the many variables which are ignored how can we measure how successful Stoptober is, how can it be seen as anything but patronising and belittling. Smokers if you want to quit do it. Do it for yourselves, don't do it because you are manipulated into it.

truckerlyn said...

Ultimately, if you brain says you want to stop smoking you will succeed, with or without the crutch of NRT. If it is only your mouth that says you want to quit, you don't stand a chance!

You REALLY have to want to quit for it to work and no amount of bullying by these tax sponger wastes of space will make any difference whatsoever.

As for the 28 days, I believe that is something that comes from these 'help courses' - if you quit for 28 days it gets a tick in their 'success' box, thereby corruptly showing how 'effective' their program is!

PatNurse said...

I used to like comedian Al Murray until he showed a liking for smoker abuse. When I pointed out to him that he was supporting a hate campaign, he told me to grow up. Despite this clear abuse from his beloved Stoptober, Murray still supports the bigots, thugs and bullies so I no longer support him. I do, however, support #Octabber for smokers and vapers who are fed up of such public health abuse aimed at them and paid for with their own money

Jurie Botha said...

Look at what happened with the whole Johan Asthon from FPH Saga,
Formal Complaints lodged and 1 day back in office - this happens:

He's allready deleted them of course, but not before someon got a screenshot.