Wednesday 8 October 2014

Whose Side Is Tobacco Control On?

Less than two weeks ago, one of America's most prominent anti-tobacco extremists (and I don't use that term lightly, as you will see below) was disappointed about Islamic State relaxing their terrorist activities a tad against an oppressed people.

Forget beheadings of innocents, genocide of non-Muslim populations, female genital mutilation and a scant disregard for human rights - this woman is irritated that the extremists have allowed an incredibly oppressed community the tiny freedom of being able to smoke!
Now, incredibly, she is also disappointed that the bullying of US soldiers - who risk their lives for her and her equally ungrateful colleagues - is being resisted.

She is referring to this.
Congress and the Defense Department are mulling over a potential ban on selling tobacco products — cigarettes, cigars and chewing tobacco — on military bases and ships in an effort to curb high smoking rates, but critics argue the move would be unfair to service members who already are making significant sacrifices. 
the issue is facing opposition from Congress. Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.), a Marine reservist who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, has inserted an amendment in the House-passed defense authorization bill that would block the department from banning tobacco sales at exchange stores. 
“It’s not curbed for anybody else. Why pick out the folks who choose of their own accord to fight for their country and serve their country, and punish them?” Hunter said in an interview. “Leave us the hell alone — we’re out here fighting for your freedom, and you’re taking away ours.” 
Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey expressed concern about the restrictions at a June hearing on Capitol Hill. 
“We lead an uncommon life by choice,” Dempsey said. “But all the things you’re talking about are legal and they are accessible and anything that makes anything less convenient and more expensive for our men and women in uniform, given everything we’re asking them to do, I’ve got concerns about.”
Quite so. Ruth Malone, however, doesn't like all this democratic process stuff, preferring instead the ISIS "do as we say or we'll kill you" approach, and is pretty pissed off that they've temporarily ditched it. I guess she's picked whose side she's on in the civilisation versus vile barbaric extremist terrorism debate, eh?

The language the Medusa-mop employs is something to note too. Attempting her fraudulent industry's now predictable and boringly clichéd Neanderthal mantra of burbling "Big Tobacco" before spouting bollocks, she can pretend there is taxpayer "subsidizing" of industry profits going on here, but it would be a lie (what a surprise!).

The cigarettes on sale are discounted by the outlets selling them, and on government property that's the government - you know, the ones who apply a huge sin tax to the products - and if they decide to forego the taxation they have applied it's not a subsidy to tobacco companies, it's just the US government not stealing as much money from their armed forces as they do from everyone else. The people being subsidized are the troops who deserve to be for risking their lives, an admirable gesture which is coming to an end thanks to pressure from the likes of Malone.
Regardless of how this fight ends, there’s at least one tobacco policy change likely to be enacted: an end to a 5 percent discount for tobacco products at military exchanges. The Navy already has stopped such discounts at stores located on Navy and Marine bases.
Of course, Malone herself is also 'subsidized' by her government. I wonder which the US public would be most happy about receiving benefits from their tax receipts? Armed forces who risk their lives fight disgusting terrorists, or someone who admires terrorist policies and is hell bent on deliberately making the lives of armed forces personnel more difficult?

Hmm, whaddya think?


Norbert Zillatron said...

Maybe we could reanimate McCarthy ...

SteveW said...

They should send her out for a tour of duty and let her explain her ideas to the squaddies face to face.
Detestable creature.

passerby said...

Don't forget, smoking is haram. So we *do* know which side she's on.

What the.... said...

Here’s a “bio” on Ruth Balone (pronounced baloh.nee)

What the.... said...

From the same conference, these are the “health advocates” intent
on fixing the world [God help us].

They look more like a set of ugly garden gnomes (in a variety of heights) designed to terrify the feathers off bird-life.

What the.... said...

Need more be said. Balone is caged located at the same facility as that other giant, girth wise, of Tobacco Control, Stantonitis Glands (see below). I speak, of course, of the University of Califraudia
(San Francisco).

…. latte-licking…

By the looks of Balone and Glands, I’d say it was more like multiple-roast-chicken scoffing and bucket-of-latte swilling….

What the.... said...

Balone is a sour-pussed, megalomaniacal prohibitionist. She (and her ilk)has probably not done a hard days work in her life. The closest she’s come to “injury” is probably irritation to the finger tips from sucking off the BBQ sauce after a lunchtime session with 30 lbs of spare ribs. Yet, from the comfort of an air-conditioned office/restaurant does this miscreant pontificate on what is “good” for those putting their lives on the line on the battlefield.

There are plenty of these antismoking nut cases in government bureaucracies. And so, Balone (and her sanctimonious Public Health buddies), who would otherwise be recommended for extensive psychotherapy, becomes normalized as a “health advocate”. Critically problematic is, firstly, government support/funding for these egomaniacal nitwits and, secondly, the medically-monopolized Public Health courses that spit out these “health advocates” by the truck load.

over 60 said...

For Heavens sake ,just how many times do liberty loving,freedom campaigners
etc,etc need telling,,,,,,,health freaks ,dont operate under normal rules,they make them up as they go along.
Yapping.trolling,twittering,whimpering,groaning and moaning is like water of a duck's back to these sub humans
They only understand direct action,face to face, toe to toe and if nobody is prepared to get real,best thing to do is LOG OFF,SHUT UP and settle for tomorrows shackles
Special offer for the under 60s,,,,,,,,your tomorrow ,Cheers

theprog said...

Extremism comes in many forms - all too often sanctioned and sponsored by government.

JLTrader said...

disgusting creature. She and all the other prohibitionists should be put on a plane to North Korea, to get a taste of their own medicine.

truckerlyn said...

Would love to see her forced onto the front lne though!

Perhaps they could also use bee to put her head above the parapet first too - at least she wouldn't be missed!

John M said...

If she feels so strongly about it she should travel out to the Marine bases and hold seminars in which she can lecture them from on high about how stupid and immoral they all are, but she won't.

Because if she did, dollars to your pocket she would never make it back to the safety of the USA.