Wednesday 15 October 2014

Vote Tory, Get Labour

I take it that today's news means Boris has by extension placed himself in Room 101?

He is absolutely correct. The evidence of harm from secondhand smoke indoors is stratospherically exaggerated, so his gesture of lighting up a cigar as a signal of freedom was welcomed in the video's comments by all but a sparse few.

The evidence of harm from smoke in a huge open air park, though, is non-existent. So what's all this pony about, Boris?
Trafalgar and Parliament squares smoking ban call
Smoking could be banned in Trafalgar and Parliament squares as well as the city's parks if a report by London's Health Commission is implemented. 
The smoke free plan would see the mayor use his by-law powers over Trafalgar Square and Parliament Square and his influence over the Royal Parks, the board of which he appoints.
If it's not backed by evidence of harm to others, the only possible goal of this for the Mayor and his unelected report writers is to dictate to others how they should be living their lives. With fines and menaces.

Couple this with his other proposals - amongst a huge list - of pointless poor-bashing minimum alcohol pricing, mandatory and costly traffic light labelling of restaurant menus, and banning fast food outlets within 400 metres of schools - all without the inconvenience of having to be passed through a parliamentary vote - and the last vestiges of Boris's liberal credentials just flew down the khazi.

But get this! The a la carte menu of unelected lefty quangocrat policies (see Word doc download here) is being announced today at County Hall by Tory Boris and ... Labour peer Lord Darzi!

Vote Tory, Get Labour!

Labour and Conservative, bessie mates in ordering you about
Last mention of Lord Darzi on these pages was when he was caught deliberately lying to parliament - with eager help from ASH - about the cost of the tobacco display ban to convenience stores.

Other cheerleaders for this extremist manifesto are the incompetent and embarrassingly gullible Chief Medical Officer Sally Davies, and world-renowned public and democratic process-ignoring health fascist Michael Bloomberg.

In light of the recent big strides by UKIP, is this part of the big plan to regain credibility for professional politicians in the main three parties? By joining forces to declare war on what people freely choose to eat, drink and smoke?

They just don't get it, do they? No wonder the voting share for the entrenched - and on this evidence, allied - political establishment is going down faster than a nympho in a rugby club locker room.


c777 said...

We have what could potentially be a Black Death knocking at the door of the nation, and Hospitals are nowhere near competent to deal with it, i.e. this comedy of errors at NHS Lewisham.

Now if I remember right Sally public health was originally started after Cholera outbreaks in European cities.
And all you can do is to try to ban smoking in open air spaces.
I think you need to be sacked pronto.
But don't worry we have tits like Boris, you know the utter f*ckwitt who wanted Turkey in the EU.
UKIP are not only coming for the LibLabCon cartel Sally they're coming for the likes of you as well, call it, the coming purge of useless idiots.

Outback jack said...

And IF a ban in Public Places was introduced,what then ,we ask ,a tsunami
of digital indignation from Blogdoms invisible warriors,meltdown of a thousand keyboards,mass hysteria amongst the "libertarian" ghosts,breast beating and self flagulation in the gilded cages of the "Freedom" Parrot Brigade,maybe a
silent requiem on some regal smoking balcony. Not much chance of barricades in London,lets face it ,if the Nazis had landed in Dover in 1940 a best seller in the capital would have been German Dictionaries.

Junican said...

Two individuals, Darzi and Davies, issue a statement. The MSM goes crazy publicising it. The People read or hear it and sadly shake their heads.

Lancastrian_Oik said...

Come again?

Ivan D said...

They really don'rt get it. They continue to pander to minority opinion and ignore the electorate who overwhelmingly oppose the nanny state and desperately want less government. This is apparent in the comments section beneath the BBC article on this subject.

I see no reason for us continuing to pay for a Chief Medical Officer as the position is pointless and unaccountable. I have no interest in what Farzi has to say as he is unelected and as you rightly point out, a liar. Bloomberg was at least elected but not by anyone ion the UK. He is an unpleasant authoritarian whose opinion is as irrelevant as it is predictable.

The politicians of all parties keep funding authoritarian illiberal parasites on a grand scale and wonder why the population at large despises them. We want less government interference in our lives and less spending on big bossy government you morons!

1st July Movement said...

Many need a smoke in Trafalgar Square to clear their lungs of diesel fumes.
Anyway, who needs London Parks, wierdos in long macs ,ankle deep dog shit
and trembling bushes.