Saturday 11 October 2014

Link Tank 11/10

Wake up and smell the bacon.

"Libertarianism is increasingly popular with young people. There is hope yet."

US Center for Disease Control, you had one job!

The moral McCarthyism of the war on lads

E-cigs to appear in Shakespeare film

Brewers' varying successes with marketing female-friendly beer (pic)

Warning: If you enjoy eating, you’re an addict

A potted history of tobacco manufacturing in Ireland

A day in the life of an Oktoberfest beer maid

Swedish government moves to ban Swedes buying sex abroad

Red Bull sued for not giving people wings, settles out of court

London Zoo 'live'


nisakiman said...

It's very interesting that the article in the Irish Times about the closure of Gallahers seems broadly sympathetic, and unusually for this type of report, I don't think I noticed any TC soundbites creeping in.

Just an objective report.

How refreshing!

There have been a couple of things over the past year or so that have made me think that perhaps the tide is turning against the puritans; not least the fact that when I follow links to, or read articles about the antics of TC, the ensuing comments seem to be becoming more stridently critical of the whole anti-tobacco movement, with many non-smokers joining the condemnation. They are starting to outnumber the ad hom posts by the terminally brainwashed even!

jmshigham said...

Octoberfest beer maid, eh? Hmmm, best get over there then.