Wednesday 15 October 2014

Out Of The Woodwork

So, it seems that the London parks smoking ban suggested in a report commissioned by Boris isn't quite the slam dunk it first appeared.

But the period of time between the press release going out in the early hours and Boris's statement at lunchtime was open season for every irrational smoker-hating whacko, psychopath, and berserker to spew their bile on every possible platform. Lord Narzi and Sally Davies effectively signalled to thousands of society's most vile that hyperbolic hatred was officially sanctioned by the authorities.

Prime pick of a host of nasty screwballs calling in to a phone-in on Radio 5Live this morning was a doctor who revelled in the proposal because "if I tell a smoker not to smoke, he says he has as much right as me to use the park, but this law would entitle me to approach smokers and tell them to put their cigarette out".

A writer in the Metro considered he'd been given the green light to refer to smokers as "dis-gus-ting!".
It’s going to be welcomed by the silent majority of Londoners who scream in their heads ‘you’re dis-gus-ting!’ whenever anyone near them lights up. 
I know because I'm one of them. I think smoking is one of the most revolting things devised by humanity. 
It’s worse than that, though, because of the unpleasant knowledge that the stink of their revolting habit has passed through their tar-encrusted innards before washing all over you.
Meanwhile, over at the Mirror, Fleet Street Fox was penning similar stuff.
They stand outside pubs, puffing a fug to poison others trying to get through the door for a very important gin. 
They stand on street corners, exhaling wildly at passers-by. 
And they meander slowly along pavements leaving a trail of nasty nicotine to enter the unsuspecting nostrils of their fellow pedestrians. 
If smoking is your choice, then NOT smoking is mine. Keep it to yourself, you ill-mannered walking bonfire of suicidal stupidity.
Including bringing up a psycho anti-smoker favourite, the smoker-whacking snipers.
They are determinedly addicted and insensible to public health messages so the only effective method of stopping them lighting up in parks would need to involve snipers in trees, a method of removing their oxygen until they repent, or enabling vigilantes to set them alight and see how they like it. 
All of which, even a professor and a dame would have to admit, is a lot of effort when the rate of smoking is in a long-term steady decline and will probably sort itself out, if only because all the stupid people end up dead.
Everywhere on social media schizoids felt almost compelled to talk of "clouds of smoke" clogging up acres of parklands; that there is "nothing worse" than being near a smoker; that smokers were "killing children"; and, of course, that the ban doesn't go far enough ... smoking should be banned completely.

It's not that the state and their quangoes create these sick people, irrational smoke-haters have been around forever along with temperance fruitcakes, racists and anti-semites. It's just that civil society normally demands that they keep their odious, spittle-flecked bigotry to themselves. But when the state and/or its institutions legitimise these hateful views, we get Carrie Nations, Jewish businesses joyfully being vandalised and South Africans talking openly of their hatred of kaffirs.

It's an effect we've seen today, and one which ASH - who claim not to like smokers being attacked or condemned - say they are absolutely "delighted" about. Even Simon Chapman recognises that bans outdoors are "ethically unjustifiable", but ASH's ethics fly out of the window when an opportunity arises to express their joy in bullying others.

This is why it's becoming a mantra here now that we are most definitely on the side of the angels. What can be more civilised than respecting the preferences and life choices of others, and organising our own lives to fit in happily around them?

By contrast, ASH and their fellow professional finger-waggers only encourage the intolerant, anti-social and vile in society, while state bodies which listen to them pander to the most disgusting, base and grubby of human flaws.


Lisabelle said...

Absolutely a true analogy of who and what hate crimes are generated by.

Tom Gleeson said...

I suspect the piece quoted from the Mirror was in the spirit of Swift. At least I hope so.

Dick_Puddlecote said...

Think that's a vain hope. She's the same one who said common sense is "weird" the other day.

Perfect righteous lefty who was a staple of Richard Bacon's daily afternoon political broadcast on the BBC before he thankfully stopped polluting our airwaves.

RooBeeDoo said...

Put out in the early hours you say? Maybe they were kicking back at the utter mauling they're getting over the Bad COP performance in Moscow.
I don't think politicians drowning in the purple surge will appreciate that.

RooBeeDoo said...

truckerlyn said...

"They stand outside pubs blowing a fug ......"

This never happened prior to the ban, therefore this problem is entirely of the making of the petty anti everything enjoyable brigade.

I don't want to stand outside a pub or restaurant in order to have a smoke so I, like many others, rarely, if ever, go out, which is largely why so many businesses are struggling and pubs are still closing at an alarming rate!

Dioclese said...

Good to hear Bojo get something right

Simon Cooke said...

Poll on smoking in public at Yorkshire Post

theprog said...

Inciting hatred towards smokers is a crucial part of the game plan, dating back,I believe, to Sir George Godber. He may have been misquoted, though part of the overall plan was to promote the myth that smokers are harming others - thus the sorry state we find ourselves in today, whereby the c***ts are confident enough to push for outdoor bans in the total absence of any (junk) scientific evidence. And now not only smoked nicotine of course. Clearly little to do with the health of smokers, non smokers and vapers. They argue that it's to safeguard the future health of the children. Then again, that probably does include us - we're all treated as children now....

Chalcedon said...

What I would recommend regarding clean air is firstly to ban traffic from orbiting Trafalgar square. Compared to the odd fag smoke, it's much more life threatening. Also Lord Freud talked about paying very disabled people £2 an hour and then topping up to the min wage with a benefit and gets told to resign by Milliband, yet this idiot calling for snipers to kill smokers gets away with it. Scope said the same thing in 2000. Now it castigates him. Hypocrites the lot of them.

Junican said...

74% No to ban on smoking in public places at 7.30 pm.

One Off said...

One can assume incitement of hatred towards smokers,encouragement of bigotry,enforcement of isolation and various other nasty aspects of human nature,,,,,,,,these are acceptable and correct
Surely in an inclusve society we can also assume these attitudes can be just as easily extended to other minorities,ie coloureds,catholics,jews,cripples,gypsies,mormons,dwarfs,gays ,lesbians
Yep lets have one gigantic HATEFEST,,,equality all round ,a new secular
paradise of intolerance

PatNurse said...

I am sick of smokerphobics like Fleet Street Fox forcing their choice not to smoke down my throat. The world is big enough for us both but those bullies and thugs want it all to themselves. And they have the damn cheek to call us selfish. How stupid is it of an alleged left winger to promote a hate campaign without even realising it. Are people like her gullible or just downright horrible?

truckerlyn said...

There are probably more on board against these antis' since they turned to alcohol in a serious way, just as we smokers said they would! There are a lot more drinkers out there than smokers! Let's hope they now decide to stand shoulder to shoulder with us smokers.

moonrakin said...

By contrast, ASH and their fellow professional finger-waggers only encourage the intolerant, anti-social and vile in society, while state bodies which listen to them pander to the most disgusting, base and grubby of human flaws.

Hang on .... the professional finger waggers are only semi-detached state ....

Time for a cull

fwiw -this seems spot on

Mark B. said...

Only this time it's coming from the loony leftie tree-hugging commie motherless bastich fuckwit whores.

So, with that bout of incivility out of my system, I do have to ask one question:

Is there really a difference between left- and right-wingers short of polarity of hatred?

-- Mark B.