Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Losers Weepers

By way of update to Sunday's post on "weird" UKIP policies, my transatlantic fellow jewel robber NorCal David G took me to task for not remembering this (as usual, click to enlarge).

So, UKIP's "weird" policy of amending the smoking ban to something more reasonable and grounded in common sense was once considered by the Conservatives too, an admission in itself that the law was excessive. More fool them for discarding the idea.

What's more, Andy Burnham admitted that his constituents were still angry at their communities being ripped apart twelve months afterwards and did absolutely sod all about it (I note that he has never sued the Sun about the article).

I reckon most people would find it very 'weird' that politicians would ignore all the obvious protests being thrown their way and, instead, listen to a comparatively tiny clique of unaccountable, anti-social state-funded loudmouths.

If UKIP then come along and pick up the ball (and the accompanying millions of votes) that the other - obviously utterly detached from the public mood - parties have dropped, then there can hardly be complaints. Now can there?


Norbert Zillatron said...

Nice sunny quote here:
"health and safety Gestapo"
Getting more obvious each day.
Maybe we should call them KGB now ...

rapscallion said...

What did you expect FF? The legacy parties are so into "focus groups" that they manage to miss the biggest group of all - the people.

It's great isn't it. UKIP just keep on hoovering up those votes

What's not to like?

Tom said...

"... and, instead, listen to a comparatively tiny clique of unaccountable, anti-social state-funded loudmouths. ..."

And as good example, state/government/taxpayer funded unelected health-fascist social engineers are meeting at the UN sponsored worldwide anti-smoker hate meeting over in Moscow - and when reporters show up to gather news and facts or members of the general public, whose money has been taken to fund these extravagant anti-smoker health fascist hate festivals - they are physically escorted to the door and thrown out onto the streets, not allowed to even hear or see what is being discussed or said at this latest health-fascist convention.

This is being reported as such over at the Cullingoworth blog which then links to Daily Caller as source of this latest outlandish breach of public accountability for the public funds taken.

Thus "unaccountable, anti-social state-funded loudmouths" might be an understatement as the worlds "health fascist", "fascist", "strong-arm", "bullies" and a host of other similar descriptions of these people might be equally appropriate.

Links if you've not seen this latest:



Dick_Puddlecote said...

Yep, seen al of them. The #COP6 Twitter feed has been lively all day. All FCTC credibility shot to pieces.

Rebel with a Cause said...

Sadly there are few votes to be gained by proclaiming amendments on the pub smoking ban. Why? The vast majority of the brain dead mutants who stand outside pubs ,DONT VOTE,cant be bothered,too much like hard work
marking a X on a ballot spaper,,,,,and,,,,,,,the pubs have got used to struggling on serving a selection of health freaks ,shoulder shuggers and brunch munchers
There is only one way the ban would be amended,thats when enough liberty lovers ,freedom seekers and digital tweety pies start kicking ass.