Sunday 25 January 2009

Ask Not What Your Freedom Can Do For You ...

Having been rather busy with that thing called family life in the past couple of days, before buggering off to the ninth circle of Hell (aka Brussels, EU seat of fake democracy) till Friday, it has taken a while to catch up.

There is so much to do to halt the righteous, and Leg Iron discusses exactly what we should all be doing with this post over at Old Holborn's pad. I recommend you read it in its entirety and ask yourself this question.

"If my elected representatives aren't sick of my letter-writing by now, have I done enough?"

I think you know the answer.

Just a small suggestion if you have less time (quite understandable) than serial righteous botherers like me. Take November 5th off this year. Book it tomorrow morning and go for a little stroll with Old Holborn. Make it a 'new and improved' stroll, none of the excuses this time. There were only a couple of dozen of us last year but it was a good day out and, as an inaugural event, it did its job. Big events never start big, they snowball, and a snowball turns into a movement. Book the day off now (no reason to say there isn't enough time) and do your bit ... or stop moaning and join the enemy.

In the meantime, for a bit of lighter material, Obnoxio recommends a Daily Mash article for your comic entertainment. It's one of those that will have you laughing while simultaneously crying into your beer about how we managed to drive ourselves into this righteous cul-de-sac, out of which it is proving extremely difficult to reverse.

Right, I'm off to the heart of darkness tomorrow and if I manage to negotiate the Flemish Wi-Fi, and limit my intake of their industrial-strength beer to just a small tanker load, you might read something about the TICAP conference here.

... and if I see Mary Honeyball, I'll give her your best wishes, naturally.

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banned said...

carefull with the anti-EU stuff, wouldn't want you hauled off to some Wallonian hell-hole in the bowels of the EU building.