Friday 23 January 2009

You Gotta See This

No wonder Labour MPs are gushing about Obama. He is showing them how leftist politics should be conducted. Compare and contrast what Labour have to offer.

Labour MEP Mary Honeyball has been ploughing her particular furrow well away from prying eyes seeing as she is an MEP that no-one usually notices. The first challenge she encounters on her blog though, after months of talking to her godawful self, and she rambles like a brain-addled crack addict.

We pay for this air-headed fucktard. In fact, as a Londoner, she is supposed to represent me. But ask her a question and she goes off on a tangent. This would be quite funny if we weren't paying for it. Think Norman Wisdom at the EU building and, well, you get the idea.

It wasn't like it was a particularly taxing puzzle. Honeyball thought it was quite funny to ridicule the idea that those who have a different viewpoint to her might want to hold a conference. The EU banned it of course, seeing as they don't really believe in democracy. It featured on quite a few blogs but I reckon Tim Worstall said it best.

Can we leave yet?

So, the answer to why she was so blase about freedom of assembly and speech being denied at the EU building is ...

There are several points made in comments. Firstly, free speech.
I have published all your comments as you have your views and I have mine. As I have done this, I am unclear on how you think I tried to suppress your views? By posting them I have given a forum and publicity to your conference.

Listen you tax-sucking retard, just because you allow comments doesn't make you a saint, it's what bloggers tend to do unless they are Labour wankstains like Dolly Draper. No-one suggested you had tried to suppress views. The EU did that. This was the crux of the problem, understand?

On smoking, even when I smoked, I supported ASH Action on Smoking and

Well, that makes you a fucking idiot then. They are a fake charity. No matter how much you agree with their views, you are supposed to be in favour of democracy. ASH have cut out democracy and you, as a proponent of democracy, should be opposing that, whether you smoke or not. And indeed, whether you agree with them or not. Or is that just me thinking that our elected representatives are supposed to think not of themselves, but of those they serve? Oh, silly me.

Some people think Elvis is alive on the moon. Others think
smoking does not cause widespread premature early death. You are welcome to your views, see free speech above, and I am entitled to disagree.

Always you, you, you, isn't it? Who said you had to agree? All anyone wants is a chance to air their voice. Commenting on your blog isn't the same as holding a fucking conference amongst tax-payers at a building we fucking own. Disagree all you like, but in a democracy, we should be allowed to object. You disagree, why can't we? You're a bit of an idiot on the sly, aren't you.

Finally libertarianism/anti-prohibition. Last time I had to deal with this it was a Tory MEP meeting with people who believed adults could have sexual
relationships with children.

Pardon? So all Libertarians and Tories are kiddie-fiddlers are they? Have you proof of assertions like that? It's considered usual when blogging to provide links. And even if you have, what the fuck has that to do with the subject matter?

I am a little unclear what it is you oppose being banned. Theft? Assault? Bear baiting? Hard drugs?

You had a heap of replies complaining about the EU cancelling a valid meeting on undemocratic grounds, but you still can't see what is the problem? Why are we paying taxes for tax hoovers like you that can't fathom basic comprehension?

In a civilised society if people are stopped from smoking in public areas by the democratic processes then that's fine by me.

Tell me the democratic processes involved where 646 MPs voted on a law that was presented to the electorate thus:

The legislation will ensure that all restaurants will
be smoke-free; all pubs and bars preparing and serving food will be
smoke-free; and other pubs and bars will be free to choose whether to
allow smoking or to be smoke-free. In membership clubs the members
will be free to choose whether to allow smoking or to be smoke-free.

It was your party's manifesto, I'm sure you must have read it. That's what we 44 million voted on, fuckwit. (just in case you were too busy watching X Factor, it's on page 67)

Finally, almost as a footnote, she got to the point. Unfortunately, I'm not sure she realised it.

I know some of you disagree and you are free to campaign to change
this. But you will not change my mind.

Good grief with bells on. We do disagree but we don't really give a monkey's ball-bag about your views on what was to be discussed at the meeting. You say we are 'free to campaign to change this' ... err ... no we are not. Your EU have banned us from doing just that.

That was the fucking problem you pathetic, blinkered waste of Brussels office space. How the fuck did you get elected? Who were up against you? Gary Glitter and a 14 day old lettuce?

No-one cares about your views on smoking. What this issue is about is the fact that the EU have banned those who pay their wages from talking about something the EU quite obviously believe shouldn't be discussed. Dissent is outlawed. What's more, it has been outlawed after complaints from organisations who pay absolutely nothing in taxes.

And this woman is part of the European Government? A trained chimp could do a better job.


Leg-iron said...

Wahey, a new Righteous!

Been in the pub, so won't have a go tonight. Best leave it until I can type a whole word in under five goes.

Anonymous said...

Dick, |I'm unable to leave a comment on Ms H's thread because she doesn't allow 'Anonymous'. Would you mind posting one for me?

My comment:

I might be mistaken and your intention was to be provocative, but your introductory remarks seem to clearly show that you have nothing but contempt for Mrs Orsler, the conference and Godfrey Bloom and that you expected this contempt to be shared by your readers.

This reader, however, shares the sentiments of others in their unanimous sympathy towards the issues raised by Mrs Orsler.

The attitude and arrogance which you display are a disgrace in a representative elected to uphold the values of a democracy and paid for by the objects of your disdain.

Thank you, however, for publicising this sorry tale which provides evidence of the ruthlessness of the tobacco control lobby, the collusion of the EU in its suppression of democratic values and your apparent lack of fitness to hold office.



Dick Puddlecote said...

Done, Jay.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!