Thursday 22 January 2009

Disagree with the EU? Fuck You!

This is quite stunning from the EU. I mean truly stunning.

If you disagree with an EU policy, you will be stopped from raising your voice. Listen people, this isn't a conspiracy theory, this is bald fact. Read this very carefully and consider whether you may be next in line to have your say obliterated from the record.

Background: A two day conference had been arranged for next week by TICAP (The International Conference Against Prohibition) at the EU building. Speakers included Nigel Farage from UKIP; Godfrey Bloom, a democratically-elected MEP; plus a host of scientists and commentators on the anti-tobacco debate, from both sides of the fence. Avril Doyle, a renowned anti-smoking MEP from Ireland, had also allegedly expressed an interest in attending.

It has been arranged for nearly a year and was due to begin on Tuesday, but has been abruptly cancelled by the EU as it doesn't fit in with their policies. I kid you not. The reasoning apparently is, according to some organisation called the Smokefree Partnership, that ...

the event goes "against all of Parliament's adopted reports and the European Community's legislation and commitments on this topic"

So, because it disagrees with the EU, it is to be silenced. No debate allowed. What's more, the organisers weren't even told about its cancellation.

In an unprecedented move, the EU Bureau cancelled the conference with no record on their meeting agenda and without communication or right of reply to the sponsoring MEP, who was left to discover the truth by rumours almost a week later.

Some stupid Labour bitch thinks this is perfectly OK though, because she doesn't like the sponsoring MEP. She also saw fit to publish a personal e-mail from an attendee, complete with the sender's name, on her blog. So the award for cunt of the century goes to Mary Honeyball MEP.

Honeyball doesn't comment herself, but sneeringly states that the woman 'apparently' paid her own way to get to the conference. The title of her article and her ridicule of Godfrey Bloom shows exactly which side of the fence this particular tax-gobbling shit-stick is standing.

I'll tell you something Honeyball, you fucking cunt, I have also paid my own way to get to this conference (we haven't all been bankrupted by your inept colleagues in Westminster, and it's only 203 miles from Gatwick, you tool). I will be flying into Brussels on Monday and I fucking hope I see you. Do they do a green card system there? If so, I'm calling you out. Your job should be to defend democracy over the whole of Europe, not just support your own petty prejudices.

Stick around readers, you haven't heard the best of it yet.

The conference will still go ahead, simply because the organisers knew that the anti-smoking fascists (and I'm sure that the term fascists can now be used without any valid objection about these bastards) would pull a stunt like this. They had a plan B. Why the need for a plan B in a free society? Well, because nasty, vindictive cunts like Honeyball are in existence, that's why.

OK, so let's find out more about the Smoke Free Partnership. They are the ones that decided dissent should be stifled. Here is their web-site 'About Us' page.

The Smoke Free Partnership (SFP) is a strategic, independent and flexible partnership between the Cancer Research UK, European Heart Network, European Respiratory Society and the Institut National du Cancer. It aims to promote tobacco control advocacy and policy research at EU and national levels in collaboration with other EU health organisations and EU tobacco control networks.

Fuck me sideways. There's Cancer Research UK again. In fact, there be quite a lot of charities. When the fuck did the role of charities extend to stopping the electorate voicing their valid concerns in an open and democratic manner?

Listen you cunts, you are heavily-funded and you have your views. No problem there. Once you use those funds to dictate public policy, you cease to be a charity, you are then a lobby group and you should pay your fucking taxes. Every single delegate to this conference pays taxes in their respective country, and have used their own money to pay to be there, so they can make their democratic voice heard. Cancer Research took over £400m last year and paid fuck all, yet they somehow trump all the tax-paying voters.

Does anyone else find it extremely bizarre that an organisation that pays jack shit to any Government can have such a massive influence in stifling democratic debate across Europe? Especially over those that actually do pay for this shit?

Don't smoke? That's fine. But don't ever think that you aren't next. If you drink, eat the wrong foods, drive, fly (not as an MEP of course), use too much paper, or anything else these fuckers don't agree with. You will be similarly refused your democratic right to object.

In fact, judging by this farce, you won't even be allowed to discuss it.

UPDATE: Simon Clark has more about this on the Taking Liberties blog.


John Pickworth said...

"Does anyone else find it extremely bizarre that an organisation that pays jack shit to any Government can have such a massive influence in stifling democratic debate across Europe?"

Bizarre isn't the word I'd use but yeah, its wrong on so many levels. I'm astonished that an organisation attracting massive sums in donations - from ordinary people believing they are funding hi-tech labs and research scientists - can casual waste these resources on brown nosing the political machine. The whole thing is corrupt.

banned said...

Nothing new in the EU stiffling its critics.
Anyone, ( including Mandelson ) due for an EU pension who is deemed to make anti-EU statements or act in an Anti-EU way ( like voting the 'wrong way ' in Parliament ) can have that generous pension stopped.
This applies to all those who have taken the EUs schilling.

Golden Noose.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Have you found out how much money those charities get from governments, the EU and industry or lobbying bodies?

Word veri: restici

Dick Puddlecote said...

The accounts I've seen seem very vague as to where their 'voluntary income' comes from, but then I'm no accountant.

vincent1 said...

Brilliant article Dick, thank you.
I am so angry I really do not know what to say.
As for the CRUK who are begging for money in the tv ads, wearing white coats like all the fcuking money is going to research, when we know damn well it is not. It makes my blood boil.
Even terrorist can sit around a table and talk, so just us they want to gag, bastards. Along with others they do not like because they have not been brainwashed and still have the power to say "no". Unless your Irish of course, then your "no" will be forced to a yes (EU referendum)!
for smokers and non-smokers alike, fighting for choice and TRUTH

jules said...


you ar emisrepresenting things when you write is was forbidden "because it disagrees with the EU".
It was forbidden because it didn't follow the rules for using he infrastructure of the EU.
That's a whole different thing than the claim you made...

Libertarians and tobacco companies are free to have their "conference" any other place they like. Without any censorship.

Think about it.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Jules, you are talking shit. The conference was about expressing views tnhat disagreed with those of the EU and the charities they pay for.

That's why it was banned. They also lied about the reasons for banning it. They have since boasted about it as well. (watch this space)

It's good that you thought it fit to comment on the ban though, as it proves that the conference had merit, which scares pro-censorship advocates like you.

MrUnclevanya said...

Get on - in years to come any criticism, investigation or speaking about, or publishing what may be deemed negative comments about the EU-SSR will be considered "Anti-EU Sentiment" and will come under the new crime of "Political Heresy" with sanctions of heavy fines or jail time.