Saturday 24 January 2009

Top Trougher Honeyball

One might have expected better from a trougher with her hand regularly dipping into our wallets*, but it seems that Labour MEP Mary Honeyball's garbled, incoherent response to those who objected to her ugly triumphalist stance on the cancellation of the TICAP conference on Tuesday & Wednesday, is all we are going to get.

She has blogged twice since with much more clarity (perhaps the effects of the Friday night taxpayer-funded wine have worn off), but nothing further on her ramblings about Elvis on the moon, bear-baiting, or Tories having sex with kids.

* I should say purses as well, I suppose, seeing as Honeyball is a feminist. But dipping her hand regularly she definitely is. This is what she is entitled to as an MEP (exchange rate courtesy of

Salary - €7,000 per month (£80,280 pa)
Constituency Allowance - €4,052 per month (£46,471 pa)
Attendance Allowance - €235 per meeting (£225)
Travel Allowance - whatever it costs to get to Brussels or Strasbourg, all paid for
Personal Travel Allowance (for going outside the EU) - €4,000 (£3,823)

There is also a payment for secretarial services of €16,194 per month (£185,723 pa), and a generous pension fund.

Now, it's very difficult to find out how many meetings Honeyball attended, probably because the EU have only just realised that we might like to know. But I dunno, let's take it as being 50 per year, that isn't unreasonable. And let's say there are 50 claims for £500 travel expenses per year too. On that basis, Honeyball is costing you, the taxpayer, in excess of £350,000 per annum.

I'd venture to suggest, as a London resident (she being a London MEP), that she doesn't do a lot for me judging from her quite astounding blog nonsense in the past couple of days. But then, I'm not a woman.

... as the President sits down this week to an in-tray, of economic despair and two wars, will women’s issues be in the forefront of his mind?

That's right. The world is in a mess, but the President should be primarily addressing diversity and feminism. Good grief.

In Obama's speech on stimulating the economy he spoke of “building roads, bridges and schools, developing eco friendly technologies”. But as these are construction based industries that are dominated by men (just 2.7 per cent of US construction workers are women) such fiscal stimulation is almost to the sole benefit of male workers. To rectify this Albelda proposes an additional stimulus plan for the female side of the economy: “caring for those who cannot care for themselves, healthcare and primary education are the very foundation of a civil society. Investing in these outcomes is as vital to our long-term economic health as airports, highways, wind turbines, and energy retrofitted buildings.” She points out that not only do these jobs disproportionately employ women, but “investments in direct care, education, and healthcare would also go a long way in alleviating poverty.”

Yes, but they don't really create wealth do they, Mary? Which is sort of the point when it comes to stimulating an economy. Obama isn't a feminist because he isn't planning on spending enough on overheads? This is a very strange argument. But entirely Labour in its thinking.

Oh yeah. Do you remember this story too? The one about all our e-mails being logged? Well, that is, as is usual these days, an instruction from the EU. Our Government is required to introduce it. So Labour can't really be blamed for pushing it through in the UK, can they?

Oh yes they can. Because they were the fuckers who voted for it in Brussels. Here is the voting record for Directive 2006/24/EC, with Honeyball firmly in the 'yes' camp. She said yes to ...

The Directive requires Member States to ensure that communications providers must retain, for a period of between 6 months and 2 years, necessary data as specified in the Directive

to trace and identify the source of a communication;
to trace and identify the destination of a communication;
to identify the date, time and duration of a communication;
to identify the type of communication;
to identify the communication device;
to identify the location of mobile communication equipment.

This is the bit I like best though. It was where she really upset the catholics by lambasting the Pope in the Guardian. After he had refused an invitation from the EU on the basis that they were a "militantly secularist" organisation, Honeyball gave him a bit of a roasting. This is what she said in her article:

"Tolerance means defending one's views, hearing out others and respecting their convictions."

Really Mary? Funny that, seeing as you have a completely different view when it comes to pro-choice campaigners (who help pay for your £350,000pa troughing) wishing to hold a meeting in the EU building. Where did your personal tolerance and respect disappear to then? Did it elope with your fair-mindedness and keen eye for prejudice, perchance?

Lastly, get this. Mary was keen to talk about 'democratic processes' with regard to the smoking ban. Quite hypocritical considering not a single voter in London cast a vote for her. Nor can they vote against her. She is the result of a voting system which chooses jobs on the basis of a party list.

A quota is calculated for the constituency - the number of votes required to win one seat. Those who become the party's MPs, will be those placed highest in the party's list of candidates. Voters simply vote for the party, they have no say as to which candidates are elected.

So, to recap. Honeyball is sucking up over £350,000 from us. She will ignore men as she doesn't like them (even Obama), she has also ignored and ridiculed the female originator of the e-mail she received, despite blasting the Pope for not being tolerant of opposing views. She supports fake charities with no accountability to the public, but then why not seeing as she isn't accountible to the public either?

All she has to do is to follow Labour's directives and she will keep her place near the top of the closed party list for the elections in 2009 as part of their ongoing 'diversity' box-ticking exercise, thereby giving herself a better chance of sticking her snout in the very lucrative EU trough for a few more years.

Nice work if one can get it, but please Mary, don't call it democracy.

Banner pic H/T Lawson Narse

Update: Leg Iron doesn't care much for the trougher's methods either.


John Pickworth said...

I've never heard of this dreadful woman before... how I wish I'd been left in ignorance. We really are long past having a complete clear out of these morons.

vincent1 said...

Thankyou for the information Dick, the woman does not know the meaning of the word, democracy! nor the EU bunch, and as for so called NU-Labour, and their so called "new world bloody order" they can stuff it. The filthy greed going on all around from the tosspots at the top, just beggers belief.
I too John, wish I had been left in ignorance, stressful does not even come close. How dare they try to shut people up, they did not die in wars for "our freedoms" did they. They sure as hell are not fighting for freedom of speech either.
The sleeping tiger awakes many.
I have no respect for these people anymore, money grabbing bastards.
Respect has to be earned, not by the size of the bloody wads they have in their wallets/purses, paid for by us drones. Angry, you bet I am.
mandyv for smokers and non-smokers alike, fighting for choice and TRUTH
Which is sadly lacking in this so called "new world"

banned said...

Thanks for the link to her blog which was quite amusing; can something be done to make sure that her contributions to freedom and democracy are aired in her local press ?
You should encourage her to carry on with her dimfuckery about wimmins rights since it is a battle that has already been won and she will be wasting her time with a subject that should not worry us. ( By 'us' I mean 'me' and everybody who agrees with me, since the question was raised eleswhere ).

Sue said...

Dick, she is certainly not representative of women that I know. Feminism is an old battle already won, we already have our rights.

It's great to see you exposing her for the fraud that she is and how her "idea of democracy" manifests itself.

Perhaps you should start to build a dossier of MEP's and the full extent of their corruption. They have been in the shadows for too long getting away with it!

The witch from Essex said...

Thank you Dick for your support.
I am the lady that this revolting woman decided to publicly ridicule on her blog.
I am grateful for all the support and glad that there are people around that are prepared to bring this woman to task.
She may not be as quick next time to make fun of the people that really do care about libertarian issues that she obviously cares nothing about.
Thanks again Brenda

Unknown said...

What an appalling woman and taking such liberties as she did with Brenda's email to try to make herself look big and clever is a disgrace.

I was discussing the TICAP situation with a friend the other day. I have been reading a certain message board for quite a few years now and have noticed a marked change in attitude. When the smoking ban was announced, the antis were jumping up and down wetting their knickers. They were warned the usual 'be careful what you wish for' but put that down to folks being bitter smokers. The changes over the past few years have been noticeable. Their own personal freedoms are now under scrutiny (or eradicated) and they are not happy. Some have even managed to put two and two together and come up with four (at last). The problem is, as we can see from what has happened with TICAP, they have smelled the coffee too late. They wholeheartedly supported the smoking ban and victimisation of smokers smugly patting themselves on the back for being insufferable do gooders. They are now reaping what they sowed.

The smoking ban was a huge success in terms of divide and conquer and to create mass control. Once that was established, there was no stopping the future bans, now including freedom of speech.

Why couldn't (or can't) people see this? I am not the most politically informed animal around but this was just so clear that only a fool couldn't see what was going to happen next.

As for Honeyball - bear-baiting? wtf? Should I go into hiding????

Laban said...

She's a nasty piece of work

Anonymous said...

Bearwitch, I've been following developments on smoking since 2006 and I think that there are some reasons to be cheerful:

the tobacco control lobby is so flushed with its success that it complacently believes that the gullible will swallow even more blatant nonsense such as third-hand smoke but, if this is ridiculed, as it should be, then those who swallowed the second-hand smoke crap might begin to question that;

people are beginning to join up the dots and realise that the smoking ban was only part of the war on smokers rather than an end in itself and, as you say, it's dawned on them that this same war is now being waged against other indicators of an 'unhealthy lifestyle'. Since they can understand that spin is being used to attack their choices, it should occur to them that the 'evidence' re passive smoking might also have been spun. I see a change in comments online from vehement anti-smoker to some sympathy;

People are getting organised with various pro-choice groups joining forces. I'd like to see the day when all groups that oppose 'Big Government' collaborate to take action;

In view of the allegations against the Labour peers, I wonder if lobby groups will, in the future, enjoy as much influence. Doesn't seem to me to be much difference between what the peers have done and the way in which HMG allowed ASH & Co to change the law.

Pollyanna aka Jay!

Dick Puddlecote said...

Great comments here. Thanks especially to Laban for posting that, a right nasty piece of work indeed.

The EU seems to be a long drawn-out 'Night of the Long Knives'.

Cate Munro said...

HHHmmmm . . . .yet another truffle muncher in the Labour pigpen! My God - it gets worse!