Thursday 29 January 2009

Fatso Liam Donaldson, Another Liar

The title is a bit misleading actually, it's not just the clinically obese Liam Donaldson who is lying, it's Alan Johnson and Ed Balls too (you don't appear to be surprised, wonder why). Here it is laid bare.

Children should not be given a single drop of alcohol before the age of 15, parents were told today.
And up to the age of 18, they should drink no more than once a week and only then under strict adult supervision.
Unveiling the controversial advice, England's chief medical officer Sir Liam Donaldson said parents who let their children have the odd tipple could be putting them at risk of brain damage, depression and memory problems.

Bloody hell, lardy Liam. That is shocking. Tell me more about the science behind that statement ... oh, I see. There is none.

Dr Rachel Seabrook, research manager at the Institute of Alcohol Studies, welcomed the guidance but said there had been no specific research on the effects of alcohol on child development.
And she said there had been no study to assess whether a few drinks with mealtimes would affect children.

That's some of your Government funding screwed next year then, Rachel.

I don't know about you, but seeing as there has never been any research on the subject, I'd say that Liam Donaldson is lying. On that basis, I can exclusively reveal a new piece of research conducted by me. Based on a study of 1 fat, lying, righteous, beknighted cunt, my findings are that all fat, righteous, beknighted cunts are liars. Perhaps we should ban them. Just a thought.

Pic H/T Ali of F2C


Mark Wadsworth said...

I saw that parrotted on the Beeb just now and I thought of you. Lying shits, what a bunch of lying shits.

I am a parent, I am perfectly happy for my teenage children to have 'a glass of wine with a meal' or a beer on a Friday evening. I do not want them skipping school and hanging round in bus shelters drinking cider all day long*. There is 'normal' and there is 'extreme' and it appears to me that most responsible parents can tell the difference.

PS - if you see any NHS stories, please stick them up at NDS.

Word veri: excus

* That said, I do remember fondly hanging around in parks drinking cider when I was a teenager. Never did me any harm.

The Filthy Engineer said...

What a heap of shite. just a bone tossed to the MSM to keep them from the real problem at hand. The Prime Monster. One eyed twat

Anonymous said...

No need for the C word Mr.Puddlecote even though it goes with Dick ?

Anonymous said...

Follow Sir Liam for a smoke-free, alcohol-free, fun-free life!

I despise him not only for his pronouncements about physical health but also for his complete disregard for the very real, 'low level' mental health issues affecting the nation, which his pronouncements exacerbate. I believe that stress is the greatest cause of absence from work and it's certainly a killer. I'd also like to see figures for the anti-depressants being prescribed.

I wish to God he'd just bugger off and do something useful in the developing world instead of hectoring a UK whose young are outnumbered by an elderly population - many of whom spend their last years in care not because they're physically frail but mentally frail.


Dick the Prick said...

Nowt about legalizing pot then? Whoa...calm down there buttons, as we know it can err....Seems Ferguson's rattled Benitez eh?

Bloody hypocritical, sanctimonious, mendacious, illegitmate, pseudo Wesleyian bollox. So his remit is to preach is it? But only in confined and spurious avenues od restricted government boundaries.

I worked for the National Treatment Agency and drug treatment doesn't work - it doesn't fucking work. £400 million budget 08/09 (increase of about 100 mill on previous year, prisons dull dontcha know) and it doesn'y fucking work!

All treatment is about harm minimization - no probs there folks, but if you're an alcoholic, smack head, crack head or coke fiend then it has to be abstinence. Harm minimization only works on the way up = once you're hooked - tha's hooked - next, move on.

Tosser. I was only an analyst but my bottom line when talking to users was 'just go down the boozer buddy and get some pot'.

Soz - turned into a rant - whoops!

banned said...

I head the loathsome Liam on the radio blaming middle class families for turning out generations of binge drinkers as they attempt to introduce civilized drinking within the family, tosser.
The BBC somewhat undermined him by accompanying his crap with an interview with teenagers who seemed to surprise him with tales of how easy it was to get hold of large quantities of beer and vodka for consumption down the park or at their mates' house.

I started drinking in pubs at about age 14, we sat in a quiet corner, preferably in the garden, and behaved ourselves in the knowledge that the landlord needed no further excuse to chuck us out.

DaveA said...

I agree in an adult supervised environment introducing teenagers is a far more constructive way to introduce them to alcohol.

Europe has a far less problem wih teenage drinking as it is introduced in a family atmosphere. The problem that dare not speak its name is a government that won't punish and police feral chavs ponsing off out taxes. The sensble law abiding are far more easier to victimise.