Thursday 22 January 2009

X Factor Politics

Immediately after the car crash Labour now move into the pre-pubescent world of simpering idol worship.

The Times have cast doubt on the veracity of Brent MP Dawn Butler's 'tribute' from Obama. However, Comrade Beeb, as pointed out by Iain Dale who broke the story, really can't see anything wrong with a member of parliament in a major western economy, acting like some X Factor contestant who has just met Simon Cowell.

Listen Butler, you dozy mare, you are a part of a distinguished establishment which forms part of why Britain is respected around the world. Granted, Labour have done their level best over the years to destroy that, but your simpering is akin to a 10 year old screaming at a Jonas Brothers concert (H/T my daughter). You're supposed to be in the same ruling class as Obama for fuck's sake. On a par with him. Show some bloody dignity.

Not content with writing her own congratulation (isn't that the same as sending oneself a birthday card because no-one else will?), she is actually happy to tell the world how in awe of Obama she is.

It is so embarrassing that I'm writing this from my loft, head between my knees hoping it will just go away.

Say what you like about the likes of Tony Benn, Jim Callaghan, even Dennis Skinner. They all have or had a bit of the embarrassment factor about them. But they sure as shit won't/wouldn't have jumped up and down on the spot clapping their hands and squealing like a Catherine Tate caricature. Sheesh, you were meeting someone in the same profession as you, Butler, and at the time he was at the same level of responsibility. I keep expecting Ant & Dec to turn up and ask her what it was like.

"Oh. My. God. It was SO cool. He said hello to me. I can't wait to tell my mates, they'll be WELL jealous. They'll be, like, wow!!!!!" but in txt spek m8.

This week we've had Paul Flynn having an orgasm (as usual) about Obama, whilst simultaneously moaning that he had to vote in our parliament (which he is fucking paid to do) instead of watching TV.

There were gasps of admiration for Obama's low key, expectations-lowering speech. He seemed to have adopted the preacher's cadences of Martin Luther King in his delivery.

We've had this solid gold Private Eye pseud from Polly Toynbee (probably also having an orgasm as she typed one-handed ... think about it).

There has never been a day like it for Britain's postwar generations. As that inauguration speech echoes out, the globe itself seems to inhale a mighty, collective intake of breath, frighteningly audacious in its hope.

And then this from Butler.

"I will treasure my photo with Obama and this quote forever ... He signed it with his own fair hand ... Meeting Obama was an inspirational moment. And I am so humbled that I can quote what he said about me ... Having met Barack Obama, I am lost to find the words ... but there is no doubting that just being the man he is has already exceeded many expectations"

Get over yourselves. He could be very good, he could be very bad. But, and I emphasise this, he has done fuck all yet. I hope he is fantastic for the world. Personally I hope does extremely well, whilst carrying on smoking, to show that whichever lifestyle one chooses, it's the person and their energy, enthusiasm, and talent that counts. It's a vain hope though, as his paymasters (pharma looms big) won't allow it.

But treating him like a messiah is bloody ridiculous at the moment. Most especially when our country is in a bloody mess. I'd like to think that Labour are subtlely trying to shift attention from the carnage they have created here, but I don't think they are that clever. Can they not just stop peering gooey-eyed across the pond and instead concentrate on the country they were elected to serve?

Instead, it seems to me that they have swallowed the TV reality trend so wholly that they truly believe that we want MPs to act like this. The sad thing is that the sheeple will probably agree.

Dial 0990 825 825 if you want to see Labour back next week. Calls charged at £17k per voter, and your vote may not be respected.


Anonymous said...

Fair hand?

It's not right, and it's not fair. Boom-tish!

This self-aggrandizing toady, who's never had a proper job, gushes (and I mean that in every sense of the word) over a poorly-styled, oleaginous note which appears to have been written by a inhabitant of that ghastly slum that is her constituency.

She is truly an outstanding representative of the hard-working, honest people who inhabit the clean and safe streets of Harlesden and Stonebridge Park, some of whom are now able to use a fork - as well as a knife!

AloneMan said...

"Meeting Obama was an inspirational moment." Yep. And it was a moment you were able to experience simply because you are a black MP. The BBC may have fallen for your mindless self-publicity campaign - the rest of us haven't.

Mac the Knife said...

"(probably also having an orgasm as she typed one-handed ... think about it). "

NO! NO! I WON'T! STOP IT! ARRGGHHH! *dry heaves*