Thursday 29 January 2009

Martin Dockrell of ASH, Lying Again

You may remember that I've mentioned before in this article, and this one too, that Martin Dockrell of ASH is a lying cunt.

Well, bugger me sideways with a 1kg box of Brussels-bought Golden Virginia if he ain't doing it again.

[Lying fucktard Dockrell] said: “No-one wants to turn the clocks back to smokey pubs, not least because we know how harmful it is to people’s health.”

[The dickhead] added: “It’s certainly true old style pubs are having a difficult time but it cannot really be said to be to do with smoke-free legislation.”

Listen, you ridiculous onanist, the clue is in the story about which you were commenting.

Industry representatives from north Essex, including Colchester and Wivenhoe, gathered at the Queen’s Head near Coggeshall to discuss how to challenge the blanket ban on smoking inside establishments.

They believe the Government legislation, which came into force in summer 2007, has seriously damaged trade, with Paul Lofthouse, who runs the Queen’s Head, describing the industry as being in “dire straits”.

How many pubs have you run, Dockrell? Please tell me which part of your experience, as a Government-employed righteous shitstick, qualifies you to be an expert in the fortunes of the hospitality trade, and more knowledgeable than those who make their living in the industry?

'No-one' wants to turn the clock back? Well, this group do. That is the whole fucking point of the article. Are you spouting sweeping mendacity, or are you just a hopelessly illiterate cock? Your choice.

[Tax leech Dockrell] said there were 450,000 fewer smokers since the ban.

Really? Did you not read this then?

The proportion of men who smoke has actually risen since the ban in July last year while there was no change at all among women.
The figures, coming after years of declining smoking rates, are a massive blow to Labour's public heath policy.

For crying out loud man, if you're going to spunk our taxes up the wall to provide Government with information that confirms the nonsense that you are paid to prove on their behalf, you could at least use facts to do so. Instead of talking shite and plucking figures out of your state-sponsored arse.

What a right royal cunt you are.


DaveA said...

Dick, I trust you are well, we were waiting a while looking for a cab.

Another quality piece worthy as a tribute to the English language.

Witterings from Witney said...

you really, really do not like friend Dockrell, do you? Being seriously concerned for your heart rate, may I offer free use of my AK47? I'll even let you have first burst, but I bags second!

Anonymous said...

Martin Dockrell is an amateur in comparison to Coralin Feierbach:


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Puddlecote,

You may find honour in martyrdom but don't condemn others. My mum died of lung cancer, she didn't smoke but she did work in smokey pub for 35 years. I'm sure you won't allow my comment to be posted because your idea of freedom of speech means you saying what you want and damn everybody else

Dick Puddlecote said...

Anon: You clearly don't have any clue about libertarianism then. Moderation is only used on this blog so I'm aware if someone decides to necro-post ... for example, a YEAR after an article was posted!

Your Mum's illness is indeed sad, but people who don't smoke, and don't work in smokey pubs, die every day of cancer. Sorta suggests there might be something else at play, no?

Anonymous said...

Well done for using the daily mail to "prove" your point.

You knob faced twat.