Thursday 15 January 2009

Dick Out and About

The title should flag me up as some flasher or some such I expect.

It's actually supposed to be about Health Minister Puddlecote being invited to post on the new National Death Service blog.

It's a grim read, but for those that like to hit back at GPs when they hector on lifestyle choices, as I do, it's a valuable resource that shows how very shocking the so-called 'free' health service is.

Firstly, it's not free. If you work, you pay for it, and you pay a hell of a lot. Secondly, you have little choice. You must pay, or else. Your only meagre choice is to still pay the Government, and then pay a private company again for a health service that actually works.

Just look at the number of abrigations of care detailed in the past couple of days. Even if you still believe that the NHS is free, why would anyone want something that is free if it doesn't do what it is designed to do? Add to that the fact that, God forbid you actually need to use the service you pay for, you are cast as a drain on the service and should alter your lifestyle so that you cost the NHS nothing ... even though you pay lots.

Would you not prefer instead to pay for something better? Especially if you could probably get the better service for the same, if not less, than you are paying already?

Have a look at National Death Service, see what you think.


timbone said...

I have a question. Let us imagine that today in the UK everyone who smokes stopped, everyone who drinks alcohol stopped, everyone only ate fruit and veg without added salt or sugar, and if they were not vegetarian, drained every last drop of fat from their meat. Everyone joined a gym.

Let me jump ahead 30 years (because although I very much doubt it I could still be alive). let us imagine that the majority of people live to 90 at the very least. All those previously employed in making sweets and cakes, tobacco products and alcoholic bevarage have had to find other employment - does that much alternative employment exist? All the revenue from alcohol and tobacco has gone. People are living longer, so they need money (pensions). Finally, although we would all like to go to bed healthy and die peacfully in our sleep, it is not in the order of things, ie age and decay, so most people will eventually need medical care.

Here is the question - do I really need yo ask it - where the fuck does the money come from!

banned said...

Not an easy question timbone.
As a smoking, drinking petrolhead the Government must find a fine balance between extracting taxes from me while encouraging me to lead a healthier lifestyle to lengthen the period of said extraction.
Once I no longer earn enough to smoke and drink to the max and, though old age, become a 'burden' on the NHS it will be in the governments interest for me to die a.s.a.p. and they will be able to point their waggy fingers at my unhealthy lifestyle as the cause.