Saturday 15 January 2011

Anniversary Link Tank 15/1

The inaugural Link Tank appeared here a year ago almost to the day following a conversation with Bella Gerens in outside a pub in Westminster where the idea struck. Originally intended as a weekly dump of articles which were of interest but not quite bloggable or deserving of being discarded on Twitter, it has now morphed into ... well, about the same really.

So, here's a 1st Anniversary Saturday morning smattering of international libertarian thought, a soupçon of bansturbation, some silliness, and the odd article from my RSS reads.

Coffee and crumpets optional.

School junk food bans create a thriving black market

Turkey cosies up to the EU by banning alcohol from sports advertising

Internet licensing is coming, and Facebook want to issue them

The environmental solution is pogo sticks

Treating all men as potential predators doesn't make our kids safer

So you thought you knew your star sign, eh?

Do pregnant smokers lie, or do the researchers?

The German prostitution industry is now specialising - services for care homes faring well

When booze was banned but pot was not

Step away from the contraband Kinder egg, Ma'am

The Simpsons do porn

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JuliaM said...

And long may it continue!