Sunday 16 January 2011

She Sells Sanctimony

The woman in question, "Anna", is reported to have said that she feels "violated". Yeah, yeah. We've all been there, love. A police officer is nothing. Call me when you meet someone with a deep and abiding love of "literature", which turns out, three months later, to include the terms "Wilbur" and "Smith". And only "Wilbur" and "Smith". Or the plight, suffered by a friend of mine, who met a handsome, human rights lawyer, champion sportsman, lover of the arts, the man of her dreams and only discovered the next day, at breakfast, that he was a TORY MP. Try that for violated. Or the Israeli woman who had sex with an Israeli man, then got him jailed for rape, after she discovered that he was an Arab Israeli. Hmm. Well, no, not that one obviously. That's just racism. Or, as they call it in Israel, "the law".
Yes, dear. Sweeping generalisations are always wrong-headed.

Similarly, making judgement calls based on reading material is just snobbery, and dismissing a 'perfect' man due to his political allegiance is just narrow-minded prejudice.



Anonymous said...

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Smiffy should sue. Or the TORY party. And then it gets worse...

JFC what a fucking snob.

You cadwalladr (sic) give me a working definition of literature young lady. Oh you can't. I am not surprised.

Anyway god help us if this is informed comment.

All Seeing Eye said...

The truth of the Israeli rape victim is actually a horrible story of a vulnerable woman who would have fallen to pieces as a witness - hence a plea bargain to an odd sounding offence.

Ironically she was protected by anonymity, as is usual in rape cases, until her name was published by...the Guardian.