Saturday 8 January 2011

Link Tank 08/01

Bless me Father, it's been one week since my last submission.

A clown's eye view of petty regulation in Britain

Repeatedly writing the word 'nigger' is now more acceptable than smoking a cigar

A guide to the perfect homemade burger ... by Hopi Sen?

Presumed consent for organ donation? Or legislated theft?

Canadian expert points to genetics and diets as causes of obesity, not exclusively what you eat

"You go for the girls but you stay for the coffee"

Eight botched environmental forecasts

Crazy golf, beer and drills, but only if you sign a waiver

Helmets for sledding and the social imposition of safety

Booze at the cutting edge of technological scientific research

A graphic timeline of hysterical 21st century scare stories


Found A Voice said...

Hi Dick, good to see you over at my place - I've transcribed the full BBC diversity survey there at:

Also, there's another article today that might be up your street:

Finally, I've added you to my blogroll and site feeds.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for these links Dick, always interesting.

Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs said...

Great links there DP - now has become my regular Sunday morning read - many thanks.