Wednesday 26 January 2011

Righteous To The Rescue!

Gray was finally sacked after a video was posted on YouTube that showed him asking fellow presenter Charlotte Jackson to "tuck this in for me love" – a reference to his microphone pack – as he gestured down his trousers during a commercial break.
Charlotte Jackson must have been deeply offended by Andy Gray's laddish behaviour.

Click to enlarge ... if you're a sexist pig!

Or perhaps she really didn't care one way or the other. Fortunately, there were others ever ready to do the worrying on her behalf.

What a relief for all concerned, eh?

UPDATE: I can sense a difference of opinion, so perhaps time to repost Steve Hughes explaining what happens when someone gets offended.


Brian said...

She was empowering herself in an ironic post-modern way, whereas finding grounds for sacking Andy Gray meant his redundancy pay could be used to boost the salary of a foxy female footie pundit to hook both sides of the demogaphic.

I am Stan said...

Yo Dickie,

Ha! he deserves the sack,not particularly for the "tuck it in love" comment but for being a moron, who the *uc* does he think he is, the lineswoman was doing her job with better judgment than him and his fellow imbicile, proven by the fact that she got the decision right and those two cavemen got it wrong.

Got to disagree with you on this one Mr P, I don`t see it as PC gone mad or some kind of righteous victory,fact is those two goons rightly or wrongly are/were the public face and voice of a very lucrative international business encompassing both sexes, all classes and all races.

They were both doing very very well out of it even though on camera they in my opinion were/are mediocre, foreign travel, high wages, the whole celeb life style, as it was revealed they proved by their childish, patronizing and vindictive comments to be not big enough in the mental department to grasp the bigger picture, their own arrogance and prejudice has been their own downfall...well if I was their employer I`d have thrown them on the scrap heap double quick and thrown them a bone to chew on.

Dick heads..;)

Oldrightie said...

My amazement was to learn, if correct, this Neanderthal got £1.5 million a year!

Dick Puddlecote said...

Stan, I'm not saying that Gray's comments, or his attitude, is OK, but the reaction is like something you'd find in a farce.

He's been at Sky for 18 years (?), in which time it's arguable that he has raised the profile of Sky Sports immeasurably. Even if these comments are considered as gross misconduct, there's nothing to say that the employer here couldn't have given him a stern talking to (or massive bawling out) instead of dismissal. In fact, I'd say that would have been the fairer course of action considering his huge contribution to the Sky brand.

Maybe it's just the industry I work in. If Sky bosses took the same harsh line in transport/building etc, they'd halve the workforce within a week! Most working people don't take such banter even remotely as seriously as in this case.

The theory of this being a convenient way to punish Gray for his suing over phone hacking has its merits IMO.

Bucko said...

I'm very glad that he got sacked for his blatant sexist comments.
Hopefully he will be replaced with a female presenter.
A fit one with huge tits.

I am Stan said...

@ Mr P,

I can`t think of anything outstanding either of them have contributed, you may have a point with the phone hacking mind,personally I couldn`t care less if the press, politicos and celeb`s spy on each others murky dealings,in fact the more they stab each other in the back the better...;)

@ Bucko,

I`d much rather watch an attractive intelligent woman than those two gray faced, infantile, vindictive slope heads, big tits would be nice too..;)

Angry Exile said...

Looks like that's another clip that needs to be EyeTubed.

Anonymous said...

Has she got cobwebs hanging off her pants?

the travelling toper said...

'Who shall blow the first blast of the trumpet against this monstrous regiment of women'

Anonymous said...

The crazy thing is that women make the same comments about men every day in newspaper articles. "Men are useless!" they screech. Do these female journalists get sacked or in any way chastised?

Will people EVER, EVER wake up and stop making mountains out of molehills?

Grey made a joke (believing he was off-air) to his pal. He referred in his joke to the generally understood truism that women do not understand the offside rule in football. He was not deliberately insulting the lines-person. There was nothing sexist about it. It was a variation on an old joke.

Organisations like SKY should really know better. What they are doing is making a rod for their backs in the future, when they conform. There is a world of difference between old jokes about the offside rule and racial abuse of black footballers.

For the sake of the sanity of us all, sooner or later someone or some organisation must brake ranks and stop apologising for nothing!

This idea needs to be developed.