Tuesday 18 January 2011

The Boy Done Good

Some may remember that last year my company retained the services of a tax consultant, out of spite as much as anything, really. Instead of just shifting outgoings from the government's coffers into the consultant's (as I expected but which was perfectly fine by me), he predicted quite a handsome saving.

He's just reported back to advise that he'll be saving us over £20,000 ... every year.
He under-estimated, it would seem, as we were given notice today that HMRC is giving us back £37k+ for last year.

OK, we've had to shell out around £8k for fees, disbursements, and other costs of the process, but that's still £37k which can no longer be spent by the state on bullying their electorate.

I've had worse days.


Anonymous said...

Very nice indeed!

Bucko said...

Excellent news!

Longrider said...

It'll give Richard Murphy apoplexy - so a bonus ;)

Anonymous said...

So where are you having the party and can we all come?

Bald headed John

wv..Boone, hmm very apt.

Bill Sticker said...

I love the smell of smaller tax bills in the morning.

Chuckles said...

To echo what has been noted elsewhere, 'Till you realise it was always your money in the first place.'

Dick Puddlecote said...

Ta, all. It's heartening to know that such enjoyment can be derived from HMRC being thwarted. :)

Longrider: I did smile inwardly thinking the same thing when I read the letter. ;)

Chuckles: Well, exactly.

Angry Exile said...

Please do not spend the money yet. Guardian Media Group will be sending someone around shortly to hassle you for not paying your share. At this point convert your £37K into gold and throw it at the cunts.