Tuesday 4 January 2011

Hasn't Appeasement Been Proven Not To Work?

McDonald's across the Atlantic have thought up the clever wheeze of leaving 'matchbooks' around late night bars and clubs to promote their new 24 hour opening hours.

Not that they're really matchbooks, of course. No, instead of chip-like matches to get their point across - which would be quite useful and more likely to be a lasting advert - they have dispensed with the matches entirely. It looks like a customary bar-room matchbook; it's intended to look like a customary bar-room matchbook; but matches being inside the matchbook would be to hint at an unhealthy product, and McDonald's certainly wouldn't dream of doing anything so irresponsible.

In fact, despite huge evidence to the contrary, the worldwide chain still sides with the health mafia as if they are still in their good books.

Who can forget the classic quote from the President of their Japanese operation back in August?

He also said the company has a responsibility to society as the nation's largest restaurant chain.
Funny, that. Because it's exactly such 'responsibility to society' which public health bodies are intent on using to batter the company into the history books.

McDonalds can continue kidding themselves by trying to appease righteous lunacy wherever the perverse condition presents itself, but it will make not a jot of difference ... they are the next target in the crosshair whether they play ball or not.

McDonalds may find that the sight of a few matches is strictly taboo these days but, however much the burger chain plays the saint, I can't envisage this delightful playset enjoying much of a future the way things are going, can you?


Anonymous said...

Great, now I've got the McDonalds song stuck in my head - Big Mac Filet of Fish Quarter Pounder French Fries! It's so horrible that it almost makes me like the Superbowl Shuffle. Also, if I was at a bar and out of matches (do they still allow smoking in bars?) and I picked some up and they turned out to be fake matches, that would be annoying.

Anonymous said...

It will be vegie burgers and carrott juice next.
After that bankruptcy.

Anonymous said...

If Ferrari can't use the colours red, black and white because it might make someone think of a Marlboro, then toy manufacturers shouldn't be allowed to make toys in the colours red, yellow and blue, lest the children grow up to remember a McDonald's burger and the good times enjoyed with a Happy Meal. Where are the bansturbators, why have their voices fallen silent on this issue, we need government's protection from Big Evil Fast Food. Some egotistical, arrogant, narcistic busy-body needs to ring them up and register an anonymous complaint on the matter.