Wednesday, 19 August 2009

70 Years Of Politics

Compare and contrast.

Politicians responding to swine flu, 2009:

The government is planning to create a series of mass graves to cope with a second outbreak of swine flu in the autumn.

A Home Office document warns that a mass burial site may be needed to cope with the potential crisis.

During the meeting, in which a senior official from Westminster council, gave a presentation, officials discussed the need for cemeteries and crematoriums to work seven days a week and the hiring of extra staff to cope.

Whitehall officials are also speaking to coffin makers to see if they could meet demands.

Retired doctors may also be called back to work to issue death certificates so GPs can focus on patients.

Politician responding to World War II, 1939:

‘War declared.’


Anonymous said...


well, they've been building "emergency mortuaries" around London for about 2 years complete with their own generators - now, is this something that we should know about or... is it yet another parcel of peculation by this abysmal cabal of greedy, corrupt half wit penpushers and NuLaour chimps?

Or maybe it's to dispose of the surplus... see the last three paragraphs.

John Demetriou said...

Just about sums it up doesn't it? I find the ridiculous overbearing reaction of government to events enormously depressing to be honest.

Mrs Rigby said...

Nothing to do with this post, but I thought you might enjoy this about HMRC having to "return" seized tobacco

Anonymous said...

depressing? that's what they want - it implies torpor, apathy, submission - I can still muster some anger, I will not be ground down by these boobs.

What's particularly annoying ( and unacceptable )is the amount of what the Yanks call astroturfing going on.

The torrent of bilge from this gubmint and their quango and "charity" sock puppets has to abate eventually ....

A plague on /their/ houses I say.

Henry North London 2.0 said...

Vitamin D3 will cure flu

20000 iu per day whilst you have it

This is why it rises in the Autumn as there is no Vit D from sunlight exposure.

Whatever you do DO NOT GET VACCINATED OR TAKE TAMIFLU it is your one way ticket to the mortuary Do not pass go Do not get your £200 next year

As for Cholesterol Niacin in decent doses about 1-2 grams before bed in modified release will cure your cholesterol

Do not have a statin They are nasty drugs.

The more I discover the more I am sure big pharma are involved with the big bankers to wipe the population out.

timbone said...

What happened to BSE? ...hang on, it's back. What about the AIDS epidemic then? OK, let's get serious, the mass graves are for those poor souls who did not escape Second Hand Smoke - no? well it's not for the smokers because they medicate themselves against swine flu. Vitimin D? Easy. Have a moderate but regular sunbed/solarium blast.

Henry North London 2.0 said...

No bad that is 2000-3000 iu of Vitamin D will do it

Anonymous said...

I thought this was flu, when did it turn into bubonic plague, what have I missed?

Mark Wadsworth said...

Nice one.

All this mass grave nonsense is nonsense, it's all part of the 'Climate of fear' appraoch to government.

HNL, where so we buy Vit D3? What's the brand name or what is it in?

Henry North London 2.0 said...

20 mins of sun exposure without sunblock in the middle of the day over 40% of your body

every day

IN the winter cod liver oil

Or buy Vit D from the healthfood shop

The sun converts cholesterol into cholecalciferol in your skin

All these statins mean that you cant even make Vit D in your skin either

Sam Duncan said...

Are these the same politicians who told us we'd all be dropping like flies by the middle of August? “Half the workforce incapacitated”, or some such nonsense?

Any other government, I'd be worried, since mass graves make it look like they know something we don't. But this lot? The Foot & Mouth mob? The “who needs helicopters in a warzone” bunch? They wouldn't know what to do even if they did have better information than us. Which I doubt.