Sunday, 9 August 2009

Obama The Toy Boy

Mr Eugenides recently produced a written sigh regarding the 'racist' fuss that surrounded this picture of Obama, which has been mysteriously popping up all over California.

Not slow to monetize and opportunitize those yanks, are they? One US company have now moved to the next step. The Obama 'Joker' action figure.

It's only $50, and just think of the fun you could have by also purchasing the Sarah Palin hero figure and making them do jiggy-jiggy.

Can the Joker do such a thing? Yes, he can.


BTS said...

Is that a picture of the Sarah Palin figure or of herself? I can't tell..

Anonymous said...

calm down dick,calm down!!!I can hear the heavy breathing from here.

Witterings from Witney said...

Never did fancy Obama - but Palin? Just lead me to her - and the chance!

BTS - if you can't tell the difference, have you got a problem!