Sunday, 23 August 2009

UKIP Need To Update

Sorry, UKIP, time to change your figures.

Britain's payments to the European Union will soar by almost 60 per cent next year, according to figures "buried" in government documents.

The Treasury statistics show that the UK's net contribution to the EU will increase from £4.1 billion this year to £6.4 billion in 2010/11.

By my quick back of the fag packet extrapolation, this means that the next UKIP poster should add an extra £22.43m per day to that. Get on it, Gawain.

The latest Treasury figures also show that Britain is currently the second biggest net contributor, behind Germany.

Yet, despite this, a German tea company still doesn't view our esteemed PM as important enough to include in their political figures tea bag collection.

Actually, can't say I blame them for that.

H/T Guthrum @ LFAV

1 comment:

Frank Davis said...

A Gordon Brown teabag would leave a bit of a nasty taste. So it makes sense to leave him out.

And anyway, he's not likely to be around much longer.