Saturday, 22 August 2009

Now There's A Good Idea

The very day after David Cameron had odiously wibbled about trebling the price of drinks - for everyone - to combat alcohol-fuelled violence, Manchester police have been busy doing something very 'Tory'. Specifically targeting those who actually cause the problem.

A total of 529 people have been arrested in Greater Manchester in a major police operation targeting alcohol-related violent crime.

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) said about 3,000 officers and police staff are involved in Operation Admiral.

Police arrested 447 people on Friday, on top of a further 82 who have been held over the past few days.

GMP said despite the scale of the arrests, 999 calls and day-to-day policing would not be affected.

See what they did there, Dave? They didn't go around walloping everyone who likes to drink alcopops with a night-stick, they went solely for the minority who ruin a night out for everyone else.

Fancy that, eh Dave? Clever, huh?

GMP Deputy Chief Constable Simon Byrne said: "All too frequently, alcohol is a major cause of aggression and results in innocent people being subjected to violent and unprovoked assaults.

"But this is just the start of an ongoing process that will see Greater Manchester Police continually target those responsible for violent crime until the message sinks in."

Do you reckon the message might also sink in with you soon, Dave, that punishing all of us for the misdeeds of a few is donkey cock thinking? You know, something that only Labour loons, blinkered SNP no-marks, and Lib 'ban it, ban it, ban it' Dems should be proposing?

Might it also sink in with you, Dave, that Manchester police's approach is one which would be endorsed by, I dunno, about 100% of traditional Tory voters?



Fausty said...

Cameron's drinks tax is just a revenue-raising exercise. It's a shame he has to dress it up in morality.

There goes his credibility.

Animal Magic said...

Won't pay any more tax so ther! Shall just have to brew my own.

BTS said...

Fuck me!

Something good has finally come from Manchester. Wtf next..?

The witch from Essex said...

Much better to tax the drink as that will stop them rowdy pensioners drinking two pints and becoming samylghbga louts

The witch from Essex said...

I didn't type that word 'samylghbga'
I typed SAGA LOUTS !!