Thursday, 20 August 2009

Plus Ça Change

It's time for a change. I think we are all agreed. Labour's suffocating methods of government by control, oppression and collective punishment must be brutally swept away.

David Cameron, the Conservative leader, is backing plans that would make high-strength drinks significantly more expensive.

Or perhaps we might as well leave everything fucked up, eh?

Under Mr Cameron’s plans to increase duty on drinks, four cans of strong lager would cost another £1.30. A bottle of high-strength cider would cost an extra £1.25 and the price of a bottle of alcopops would rise by 50p.

Because there are no existing laws, evidently, with which to punish the tiny minority who misbehave as a result of consuming these products. So why not make everyone pay the penalty?

Not controlling, oppressive, or collectively punishing at all, is it?

UPDATE: The Pub Curmudgeon further emphasises how wrong-headed the Tories are on this.

The Tories’ plans to triple duty on “high-strength” beers and ciders are ill-considered, indiscriminate and unlikely to achieve their stated objectives. They may put people off drinking the likes of Special Brew and Diamond White, but they will also impact on high-quality strong ales such as Robinson’s Old Tom, recently voted world’s best ale, Belgian imports such as Chimay and Duvel, and the products of independent cidermakers. These products are consumed responsibly by discerning drinkers and already are often relatively expensive in terms of price per alcohol unit.

Devil's Kitchen thinks it's nonsense too, as does Al Jahom, and just about everyone else, for that matter.

Way to go on being a righteous, ill-informed prick, Dave.


BTS said...

I've always had a feeling that deep down inside Cameron was just another c***..

Anonymous said...

I've had a wee comment over at my place on this matter...hope you don't mind DP :-)


Large Melot Please said...

Call me Dave is becoming deeply disappointing. I do not want another 12 years of nanny state.

The Tories ar in danger of becoming Labout Lite.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Why should I mind, AJ? It's as relevant as they come. Thanks for adding it. :-)

Anonymous said...

For years I have been saying to anyone that would stand still long enough that authoritarianism is not the private property of labour and in fact those who longingly call for the return of someone like thatcher are deluding themselves.
Sure they may be economically liberal, but the Tories are even more the party of social authoritarianism.

Bald headed John.

13th Spitfire said...

BS as always from the New Labo.. oooppss! I meant to write "the Tories" must have mixed them up..

Barking Spider said...

I really deeply despair about Cameron. When he thinks that a regurgitated nasty, twatty Labour policy is a good idea then we are in serious fucking trouble no matter who wins the next election!

Captain Ranty said...

"Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss....."