Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Hairy Moneyball Advocates Apartheid ...

... for democratically-elected BNP MEPs.

Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons have been having a helluva time getting served in Brussels bars, apparently, and Hairy is very happy about it.

Apparently, local café and bar owners do not want BNP members in their establishments because their presence is driving away customers. At least two places have already banned him: O’Farrell’s Bar and an American sports bar. According to media reports, on one occasion when Griffin and his gang of racists entered O’Farrell’s Bar 18 people put down their drinks and immediately walked out. Griffin was told bluntly that he is not welcome there and asked to leave.

Now, I must admit to being rather amused that private bar owners are reacting to their customers' wishes and excluding these two. Their policies are potentially damaging (mostly left-wing, large state stuff as all except Labour seem to have realised) and highly obectionable in the places which are generally highlighted (yes, they are shits). Additionally, it is the right of the bar owner to exclude or include whichever customer he/she chooses.

Griffin calls it 'apartheid' and Hairy agrees but says that it is perfectly OK. I didn't expect that Hairy would be such a free market ally in this, considering her earlier nonsense. I presume then, on this evidence, that Hairy would be equally happy if a London pub barred muslims on the basis that when they entered a private establishment, 18 people downed their drinks and walked out? It would be the right of the owner to do so, considering they can bar someone for the shape of their nose, should they so wish.

And seeing as she is so fully au fait with bar owners being able to choose who they exclude/include, then she will be quite willing to sign up to the Amend the Smoking Ban campaign. Here's the link, Hairy, off you go.

After all, it's up to the bar owner to choose, isn't it, Hairy? Or is apartheid only OK when directed at people with whom you disagree?


The witch from Essex said...

Just the mention of that woman's name makes my blood boil. She makes me tremble with hatred.
How she got back in the MEP gravy train is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

How do you train 18 people in spontaneous drink downing ?

B7 said...

This nasty women MEP should be forced to reign.

As proven with the smoking ban this women has her own agenda and is not interested in supporting law abiding voters on any subject that she does not agree with.

BTS said...

I sincerely hope that was a typo in the previous comment..

Anonymous said...

A group of "us" passed by O'Farrels
bar in Brussels,yesterday (TUESDAY
18th)It appeared deserted.As we
were in a Charleroi hired minibus
,on the clock,we did'nt have time to pop in and have a word but I,me
sure the Anderlecht Ultras can be
encouraged to have a celebration
there,when the MEP mob return of course.

Vlaamse Frydheijt