Thursday, 13 August 2009

Keep Up The Good Work, Señor (2)

See, if only we had Spanish scientists. They release proper studies, like the one in June declaring beer to be the best thing to drink after exercise.

Now, it would seem, beer is a proven antidote to osteoporosis.

Drinking beer regularly could stop bones from going brittle, according to scientists in Spain.

Those who had less than a pint a day, whom scientists classed as light beer drinkers, fared just as well as those in the moderate bracket, suggesting that even small amounts can boost bone health.

The Spanish researchers said: "Silicon plays a major role in bone formation. Beer has been claimed to be one of the most important sources of silicon in the Western diet."

Therefore, for the good of my health, tonight I shall mostly be topping up my silicon levels and giving Alcohol Concern the (incredibly fit and resilient) finger.


BTS said...

I'll drink to your health.

I thought I'd also mention that according to my own personal studies, vodka appears to have some quite remarkable anti-aging properties.

The downside is that I'm finding it a bugger to get served..

SaltedSlug said...

Our lot were hitting pig snot with neutrons earlier today.

Know what I'd rather be doing.

banned said...

And here was me thinking that it was my lifelong intake of dangerous milk that gave me big healthy bones, none of which has ever broken.
Like BTS suggests, I propose lengthy and extended trials of vodka for which I would happily volunteer.