Friday, 28 August 2009

BBC Caught, Quite Literally, Red-Handed

Oh joy. Here's one to round off the week with a satisfied smile and a spring in the step before heading off for a jar and a Ruby Murray.

Following swiftly on from their rigid adherence to the Labour agenda on Monday with this laughable nonsense, Comrade Beeb's lack of fact-checking, in their zeal to defend the government, has been ruthlessly and publicly exposed by a spoof web-site, as Plato explains.

For those who missed it - this was apparently an outraged missive from the desk of Sheila Dixon. Since Ms Dixon is currently under investigation for a number of fraud allegations, you'd have thought that 'propah' journalists ... would have checked their sources.

Checking sources (and science) isn't something White City's finest like to do, especially when in an eager frenzy to rubbish Tory MP Chris Grayling (or to pally up to their fake charity chums). They have since wiped the episode from the web-site, but Plato nabbed a telling screen shot from their quiz of the week to dispel the illusion that it was all just a dream.

Considering that they seem to be able to contact anyone from a bird-watcher crapped on by a rare species, to the person who supplies Berlusconi's shoe polish when they wish to, would it have been so difficult for the BBC to ring someone in Baltimore to confirm this before splattering it on their web pages?

Perhaps their lefty hacks were just too excited at the prospect of crawling up Brown's anus to bother with such journalistic principles.

Shame they took the story down entirely though, as it would have been interesting to see the garish, anti-Tory headline they appended to it (see Rantin Rab for an example).


JuliaM said...

The 'Guardian' and 'Indy' were much better sports about it.

Both left their original stories up with an addendum admitting it was a hoax and they were fooled. They left all the comments from readers laughing at them pretty muych intact too.

Contrast that with the shitfit thrown at LabourList and LiberalConspiracy. Tres amusant!

Anonymous said...

Man, are the BBC stupid! To deal with this, all they had to do was claim that the story that it is a hoax is itself a hoax. That's clearly covered in the courses Socialism 101, Broadcasting Basics, and Government for Idiots.

Come on, BBC: get up to speed!