Wednesday 3 November 2010

Fillings And Forms (2)

"Don't mess with the Molar Nostra, capiche?"

Oh dear. It would appear that last week's article on dental enrolment forms has hit a raw nerve in some dentists (now there's a novelty!).

Having already received one decidedly sniffy message from a dental association, this dropped into my inbox yesterday, presumably from an address set up specifically for the purpose.

Subject: Dentists
Date: Tue, 2 Nov 2010 23:09:30 +0300

You are such a tool. Dentists can refuse to treat anybody they like or any reason. Only a schmuck would insist that a dentist who did not want to would treat them.

I don't have any patients like you, I have got rid of them all!
Who knew that wishing to keep personal information to oneself was such an offensive concept, eh?


yozzerhughs said...

tell him to go and read

Anonymous said...

Blimey! What an idiot.

George Speller said...

Obviously not a proffesional organisation - I can't imagine proper professional dentists describing prospective clients as "obnoxious, contemptible person; one who is stupid, foolish, or detestable" - that would be a hate crime . . . .

Sam Duncan said...

Someone has failed to understand the Faustian pact NHS practictioners - in every discipline - have made.

Sure, if I come along to you proposing a commercial transaction and you don't like the colour of my money you can tell me to sod off for no other reason. It's a fundamental principle of the free market - of freedom - and, as we know, one that's under threat from so-called “rights” that are nothing of the sort.

But if you lay claim to my money, taken from me under threat of force on the pretext that you're providing a vital public service, then the tables are turned, matey. You have a duty to do the job, because I (apparently) have a right to it, and tough luck if I'm a bit uppity and won't answer your irrelevant questions.

Did I ever mention that socialism is slavery?

Longrider said...

My, my, aren't we the petulant one? A brief course in English grammar wouldn't go amiss either ;)

You definitely hit a raw nerve there. Keep drilling.

Bucko said...

Bugger me! What a knob.

JuliaM said...

It seems that, like lawyers, it's the 99% of bad ones that give the rest a bad name...

Private Widdle said...

What an utter fucking tool.

How the fuck did the illiterate arsewipe manage to qualify in the first place?

Twisted Root said...

What sort of person gets so irate about people not wanting to fill in a government form? This is one for the psychiatrists new DSM manual.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Sam Duncan: Well, yes. That's how I always viewed the NHS arrangements, too.

Longrider: Sure will. I've asked some pertinent questions in the past week, the responses will be interesting. ;)

Twisted Root: He doth protest too much, ya reckon? ;)

Anonymous said...

@ Sam Duncan

Exactly! They want it all ways. My dentist stopped seeing NHS patients recently but I thought, "Oh well, I've got cash. I'll just pay." Anyway, I decided I didn't want to see the dentist, I just wanted the hygienist to give the teeth a good ol' polish. So I go in to book the appointment and get, "No you can't do that! You have to see the Dentist, too." I replied, "But I thought you were private now. I don't want his services. I want to see the hygienist." "No! You must see the dentist! NHS Rules!" "But I have money. Money to pay to fulfill the hygienist's satisfying my market demand!"

"NO!" I was told in no uncertain terms.

"So let's get this straight. I have money. I'm willing to pay this Dental Practice money in exchange for a service. And you are refusing to let me do this exchange" (in fact I think she even repeated her wibble about NHS guidelines or something).

So I walked out, with cash in my pocket and unpolished teeth. They're only private when it suits them to be. Otherwise they're "hidebound by NHS guidelines and regulations."


There's something else for your anonymous commenter to get irate about.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

There are many good dentists, the profession does however have their Harold Shipmans - we don't get to hear about them So it's no surprise they can field a few arrogant berks too.

A few years back I got the "Marathon Man" treatment from a local guy. Disgruntled locals actually chased him out of practice - damaged cars and bricked windows on his surgery - I found out later...

timbone said...

I have a problem. I went for a check up last week. I have a new dentist, a young lady with a headscarf, no, that is not the problem. My teeth stain a bit these days, it started about two years ago, why? because I am 59, that is one of the things that happens when you get older.

So she said, "do you smoke"?
Well I do, and I am not ashamed of it, so I said yes.
"How many"
Pause, oh feck it, give 'em what they want - "a lot"
"You know it is bad for you"...

That was the bit that made my blood boil. No, really? well noone has ever told me that before. Stupid, ignorant bitch, who does she think I am!!

Anyway, I need some minor work doing, so need to go, especially as it is front teeth and I need them for my work (trombone player).

Thing is, I know at least one person who has ALWAYS had a staining problem, and they are a non smoker.

Barking Spider said...

"I don't have any patients like you"

I bet you don't have a dentist like this fucking twat, either!

Ashtrayhead said... don't want to be accused of being an anti-dentite!