Monday 29 November 2010

Is Lansley Killing The Golden Goose?

Prior to the election, I was quietly informed by a 'connected' person that a certain news organisation was scouting round for stories which portrayed Labour in a bad light. I was aware of tons of 'em, of course, but nothing a rational person could believe the MSM would be interested in considering their usual stance on matters we discuss here.

I don't know why I mentioned that, really. Probably just a bit of self-aggrandisation creeping in, perhaps. Because it's completely irrelevant to my highlighting today's 'The Sun Says' column. Just want to make that absolutely clear.

Crying shame

ANN Widdecombe took time off from making fools of the Strictly Come Dancing judges yesterday - and stomped all over Health Secretary Andrew Lansley.

Mr Lansley is faced with a horrific report on 19 NHS hospital trusts with "alarmingly high" death rates, 30,500 patients with "avoidable blood clots" as well as other failings - like 150 "foreign objects" left in patients after operations.

Yet what is he concentrating on? Micro-managing our lives this week with plans to cover fag packets in plain paper, banning low cost supermarket booze and urging hard-pressed firms to provide facilities for mums to store their breast milk.

They are the sort of measures you would expect from big-government Old Labour.

As former Tory Minister Ann says: "I could absolutely weep."
The Tories, of course, were boosted greatly by Rupert Murdoch's patronage in the run-up to the general election, and very glad they were of the support too, one suspects.

Yet Lansley appears to have forgotten that The Sun is the Murdoch media tool particularly aimed at working class voters. You know, the type of people Lansley's party need to recapture from the the well-constructed pervasion of centre left ideology?

This piece commanding coverage in the opinion pages of white van man's favourite read is a warning to Lansley that he is seriously screwing up here by embarrassing a high profile cheerleader. Instead of incubating the prized Murdoch egg under his ample derrière, the dopey twat is squatting, Guardian in hand, and shitting on it.

After an election campaign where Murdoch's News International convinced many a regular guy to vote for Cameron's new kind of politics, Sun readers are going to feel rather betrayed by Lansley attacking the meagre pleasures they hold dear.

It's a shot across your bows, Lansley. If your white paper tomorrow carries on with this type of anti-working man gobshitery, your stock over breakfast and tea at greasy spoons up and down the country is going to plummet greatly.

Now then. Who is more important? The rent-seeking vested interests at the DH and their array of tax-sucking quangoes and fake charities? Or the productive backbone of the country who read your current supporter Murdoch's papers?

Tuesday promises to be very interesting.


Anonymous said...

I honestly suspect the hand of maladministration in the NHS.
Big style.

Smoking Hot said...

Dick, Lansley can't be doing this all by himself.

Anonymous said...

We have the same thing in San Francisco, California, but the ultra-progressive powers that be with the help of their comrades in the news media have managed to keep it from being too much in the news.

Mitch Katz, Stanton Glantz's buddy at UCSF who shares the same office and is city Health Director has run many hospitals into the ground and caused bodily harm to the elderly by mixing juvenile delinquents in at the old age homes while bleating instead about increasing smoke bans and advising on other health concerns, maybe even on the happy meals ban and recent proposal to charge a fee on each alcoholic beverage served in the city to fight "big alcohol" (which that one was shot down).

He's also on record with his comrade Nancy Pelosi for declaring asbestos dust perfectly safe if released over a poor neighborhood, but outdoor tobacco smoke a deadly killer if released anywhere at all.

But they get away with it. The big money always does.

How similar though about running hospitals into the ground and destroying them. Katz in San Francisco does the same as yours over there. But since he's from the holy UCSF and Glantz's office-mate, he gets a free ride.

If you Google him you can see the rat-faced things he's been responsible for, but just don't let anyone in San Francisco find out, because the powers that be wish everyone in San Francisco to keep worshipping a golden calf and to do otherwise would of course be blasphemy.

William said...

Your are going to love this latest new labour/new conservative idea then...

We all get a health chequebook in the new year to make the change the state says we have to (be healthy as measured by state statists) and if you look closely in that article it says he is also recruiting 4200 brand new health visitors who will infiltrate the homes of the young and the elderly to force them to live the state way.
What joy.

The time to starve the beast is well nigh.

Bill said...

Health chequebook FFS!

Three million of the voucher chequebooks, containing discounts of around £5 each, will be available in Asda supermarkets, a million more will be obtained through a Sunday newspaper, and another million from GP surgeries, schools and other bodies run by the state.

There will be more emphasis on health visitors, who are said to have been “withering on the vine” under the last Government, with funding for 4,200 extra staff.

Time to starve the beast.

Angry Exile said...

I think maybe Smoking Hot has it half right. Lansley probably isn't doing any of this himself. He's just been given a nice meal and told what to say by the civil service empire builders and right-ons who were running the department in April and have still been running it since May.

Ian R Thorpe said...

We may have a coalition government but the Politically Correct Thought Police still have their people deeply embedded in the public services sector. It's going to take time Dick, time or violence.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Well, agreed and everything (of course) but are you sure it's "Golden Goose"? I thought it was an ordinary goose that laid Golden Eggs.

Dick Puddlecote said...

MW: Yeah, summink like that :)

J Bonington Jagworth said...

Lansley is also trying to increase taxes on strong beer and cider, because he has been told that supermarkets sell the stuff cheap. Not round here they don't - they sell cheap ersatz beer (2%) but rarely discount the strong stuff, because the market will bear it.

Unfortunately, the BBC conflates the two, ministers hear it, believe it to be true and repeat it the next time they appear on the Today programme, thus reinforcing an urban myth.

If you know where I can find Special Brew, Duvel or Gold Label cheap, I'd love to know!