Monday 8 November 2010

... Gone Mad!

Prague was such a blast you could clear quarries with it, the UK state-imposed shackles fell away with every minute spent there. I'll write more tomorrow on the life experience our fellow EU Czech citizens enjoy, but for now I'm attempting to prolong the feeling of freedom for as long as possible.

Which can be tricky when one stumbles across something like this.

Blades fans intending to support us on Wednesday night should note that - on the instruction of Leicester City - banners of any type are banned from the Walkers Stadium.

Supporters wishing to take flags into the home of the Foxes require a fire certificate to be produced on the day of the match, upon entering the stadium.

In an effort to support Blades fans, United Safety Officer Steve Hicks has offered any fans who need a safety certificate for their flags to bring the flags to the club to be certificated and this information will be passed on to Leicester City.
Because a Leicester Wednesday night in a wind and rainswept open stand is a tinderbox, so it is.

Can't be too careful, eh?


SadButMadLad said...

Here's my take on H&S -

Smoking Hot said...

Surely that's a misprint DP ... Steve Hicks? lt should be Keith Lard

Junican said...

Dick, I hope you do not mind me making the following post which is a copy of one I have made on Taking Liberties - it is off topic, but interesting...


I hope that you do not mind me using this thread to issue a plea for help. I’ll be as quick as poss.
In these pages (I think), some 3 months ago, someone mentioned that the BMJ had started a blog asking for new words with which to attack Big Tobacco. I had a look at this blog.
I decided to have some fun, and submitted a list of really horrible words (like diarrhoea). Needless to say, my contribution was not published.
Being up for a challenge, I decided to make several comments which seemed reasonable, but were in fact rather over the top. Clearly, tongue in cheek if one read between the lines. I noticed Pat Nurse had a go there too.

Believe it or not, they have accepted one of my ideas as one of the best six!!!! They have now published it to be voted upon, and, I suppose, I might just win the prize (a subscription to the Tobacco Control journal)!

Here is the URL for the original BMJ blog:

And the new blog for voting:

DP has made a comment on that blog.

My problem now is-

What would happen if I won??? Should we try to help my comment to win so that I can disown the whole thing in due course? So far there have been 111 votes. If one votes, one is taken to a page which shows the breakdown of votes to date. Mine has 17% so far; the leader has 40%. The leader wants newspapers etc to stop using the word 'smoker' because it implies 'a right'.

Anybody got any ideas? Oh, my name is James Watson, so it is easy to work out which comments are mine. (One of my comments has the first letter of each sentence spelling out the word ‘propaganda’ – which amused me and has not been noticed).

I hope that Rollo Tommasi does not see this, but I doubt that he would be interested in Forest Eireann.

I am going to copy this post to others.......""

Anonymous said...

I have copied straight to yourself, Leg Iron, Frank D and Subrosa as it stands for quickness (as I will do with this).

Anonymous said...

Oh what a can of worms and millions of people happening upon other enlightenments the establishment created when they banned smoking.
Every other claim started to come under scrutiny as well.

Noise of engine backfiring.