Saturday 20 November 2010

Link Tank 20/11

A bit of this, a bit of that - up to you to provide the other.

Dutch government to ban tourists from buying cannabis in coffee shops

Australia moves to censor all images of people smoking on the internet

Exploding snails lead to court case

Circumcision could become a crime in the Soviet Republic of San Francisco

Man living in a shop window with 400 spiders for three weeks

Canada's senate kills climate change bill

The latest tool against immigration - boobs

Chinese woman gets one year hard labour for Twitter post

The war on horseradish sauce terror

Passengers push for child-free flights

Israel's airport security - effective but hassle-free for passengers


Frank Davis said...

Thanks for the link!

Angry Exile said...

I've been going on about Israeli airport security ever since I saw a link to a longer version of that article via Obnoxio. It speaks volumes that the Israelis get from car park to gate in about 40 minutes on a bad day, without being touched up, microwaved or made to stick their shoes in an X-ray, and haven't had an attack on their aircraft in decades despite being surrounded by people who want them all dead. It also says we're wasting a lot of time and money on security theatre that achieves nothing.

As for Nicola Roxon - idiot. I think I'll be starting a series of blog posts of people smoking, just to piss her off. On a similar subject I've noticed that shutters are starting to appear over the fag displays in some shops here, no doubt in response to some anti-baccy decree of either state of federal fucktroons. I'll try and get you a picture if I can do it without being seen, because some places come over all Police Community Support Officer about photography (copyright rather than terrorism is their excuse). I'm thinking of asking the staff - if I've got time and if the place looks nice and busy with lots of customers - to open all the doors so I can see their entire range of legal tobacco products. No, I haven't started smoking again, but I do want to be able to see them just to make sure they've got the brand I don't buy anymore ;-)

Anonymous said...

I had a small roll (75cm max) of vinyl insulating tape from the bottom of my laptop bag confiscated at Bristol Airport last week. It's not just what they take - it's the way they take it. They also had my sub 100ml mozzie spray and toothpaste because I refused to buy one of their £1 plastic bags.

Just as well I don't do Twitter.