Saturday 27 November 2010

Shop Till They Pop

Quite appropriate for a Saturday afternoon, this.

I've mentioned before that e-cigs give anti-smokers a severe attack of the willies, so this development has the potential to make their eyes swivel like a bastard.

Totally Wicked is proud to announce that it is the only vendor in the United Kingdom which offers a truly unique "try-before-you-buy" service.

Gain confidence before you make your purchase and visit the Totally Wicked Retail Outlet in Darwen/Blackburn, Lancashire and experience the wonders of such products like the Titan 510 and Titan Tornado for yourself. Here, you will meet informative, helpful, staff who will assist you in making the right choice for yourself and your vaping needs.
Vaping has already made its TV debut in America, and now looks as if it is preparing to make the big step out of the internet and into a more tangible setting.

Just imagine scenes like this in high street shops up and down the country, neatly rubbing shoulders with Carphone Warehouse and Clintons.

With awareness of the existence of e-cigs spreading, such a prospect becomes ever more likely. As a result, it's quite possible that we may see Scanners-esque psycho anti-smoker head explosions outside Marks & Sparks in the near future.

The only possible obstacle would be if our political elite can be persuaded by big pharma interests that water vapour is somehow a deadly substance. And they'd never be so stupid as to fall for such tactics, would they?

Oh, hold on.


James said...

The entire anti-ecig thing seems to have gone dead in the UK since the conservatives took over. The MHRA, who were about to effectively ban the device, have crawled back into the woodwork saying they need more time to make a decision. Unfortunately, the EU and the WHO seem to be doing their work for them...

timbone said...

I have noticed that Easyjet (and Ryanair) advertise a smokeless cigarette on board - also airBaltic and bmibaby.

I looked it up (link above) and it is not an ecig. It is not however a NRT - how has it escaped the radar?

PS Thompsons do not sell these, they also say in their online brochure that ecigs are banned.

Anonymous said...

Well we all know how deadly and what a killer CO2 is, so certainly the same will be said about H2O next.

Diesel said...

Anon, its already been done, but fortunately its was revealed as a joke almost right at the start: Dihydrogen Monoxide

If they do try to ban water vapour, we can have SO much fun!

Anonymous said...

Yes the politicos are still selling the Global warming fraud but everyone else is now laughing at them because their just "plain stupid".
I'm sure their attitude will change soon as it's only a matter of time here in europe before we witness a mob getting hold of some of them.

Unknown said...

Currently sat in a hotel room in Canada and just saw an ad on the TV for these:

Yup, they are being advertised on TV with one of the captions which states 'it is only water vapor'.

Nearly dropped my coffee (and promptly lit up a cig as I am actually in a smoking room - double amazement, eh)

James said...

But they are banned on Canada - we should know, we have had several refused by customs! I personally rang Health Canada to see if zero nicotine electronic cigarettes would be acceptable - to which they said no!

Dick Puddlecote said...

James: Not surprising. When Pfizer start to make them, you'll be able to get them in supermarkets and on the British NHS.

Corrupt? Pharma? Course not. ;)

(Prague customs dug through to find the bullet-shaped battery recently at X-ray stage, then apologised and stuffed everything back in my coat pockets - what a dream country!)

Unknown said...

James, I thought I heard they had been banned here too, hence my total surprise to see an advert on the TV...and saw a lot more of that same advert afterwards.

Seems odd that they would ban it and then allow an advert which advocates the fact that they are harmless.

Didn't do any research apart from the website tho - who knows who backs them...