Thursday 18 November 2010

Pick A Card, Any Card

A fellow jewel robber from across the Atlantic has highlighted an ingenious new twist on the smoker hatred meme. Although originally intended for the psycho catalogue, I thought that such assiduous and well-crafted smoker hatred deserved a post all of its own.

Because now you aren't restricted to just hating smokers when you see them. Oh no, you can buy playing cards to remind you of how filthy, smelly and vile they are whilst playing poker with your smoker-hating mates (click to enlarge).

And just so you don't forget that it's not merely an aroma thing, these doozies will also point out how smokers are killing everyone else, causing carnage on the roads, and destroying the planet.

Not too keen on the jolly 'life' cards? No problem, there's always the 'death' set instead.

Brilliant, huh? Especially since all this demonisation of tobacco is producing such excellent results in deterring youth smoking. Isn't it?



Timdog said...

I want the Death Cards, they're cool and the joker is an absolute winner.

The joker was a smoker.

So funny and cool huh? Works for me, maybe I should start again...

Timdog said...

By the way, apparently not smoking does little for your maths skills - check out the excellent arithmetic on the Resale page

Mr A said...

I'm sure I've seen something similar to this about anti-smokers (or maybe it was Righteous in general) that covered every type: the neurotic, the inadequate who wants to impse their will on others, the fund-searcher, the smug Righteous, etc). That was actually far better. And spot-on, too.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of anti semitic Nazi propaganda ,disease carriers, ugly smelly etc etc .
I vaguely rememdber Frank Davies excellent post on the daft, smoking makes you ugly claim, showing loads of pictures of very atractice females smoking.
Yes anti smokers are complete utter social misfits and personality disorders.

Michael Fowke said...

Non-smokers die every day. Sleep tight - Bill Hicks

Anonymous said...

OK, surely this is IT - the step that opens everyone's eyes to the Hate Campaign that is tobacco control?

It's a bit worrying if the deck is the work of a savvy entrepreneur who thinks these will sell.


Anonymous said...

Hate it is .
Hate it shall be.

Leg-iron said...

First three -

Smoking is lonely by order of the Government. It wasn't at all lonely a few years ago and indeed, it is the best catalyst of camaraderie available now. It's not lonely, it;s just cold.

No. 2 - shrug, I've met worse.

No. 3 - 'mind if I smoke?' 'mind if I fart'?

I don't care if you fuck off. No smoker wants to date an intolerant spite-riddled harpie. We can do so much better (see 2). No. 2 was actually prettier too.

next three -

no. 4 - Smoking hurts the ones you love. Yes, but it can be used to scare the living crap out of the ones I hate. Swings and roundabouts.

no. 5 - irrelevant and only there to fill up the deck. Imagination FAIL.

no. 6 - so who is smoking bottles, cans and shells? Fish cannot be induced to take up smoking. not even a Zippo will light underwater. besides, with smoking banned on beaches all over the place already, in what way is this a viable complaint?

Finally -

Smoking among youth is on the rise.

This card deck will accelerate that trend.

They now say smoking causes deafness. It seems antismoking causes atrophy of the brain.

Assuming there was one in there to start with.

haddock said...

The pictures remind me of posters produced by secondary school kids back when I was teaching in the nineties.... after that twat with the trumpet was hideously slain by uncaring smokers.
Other teachers encouraged the addition of warts, hairs in the nose/ears etc to make faces more ugly.... all of this passed for Personal and Social education.
My form group ? they were given a talk about how the Nazi party de-humanised the Jews by portraying them as ugly with warts etc..... and asked to come up with designs for the patch to be sewn onto the clothing.
My approach was not popular with other staff....

Trooper Thompson said...

I have struck back