Monday 1 November 2010

Strike While The Iron Is Cold

"The NSPCC is facing huge challenges in the current economic climate. Children are more vulnerable at times of economic downturn and demand for the NSPCC's services has increased."
Well, that's what the blurb from one of the Little Ps's (the girl) school said anyway.

They're struggling along on their £157m income, it would seem. So they sent one of their 2,555 staff (paid a collective £78m pa) to address the school and personally hand out sponsorship forms in these austere times.

"I appreciate that there will be other pressures on your household budget right now, but I truly hope you can find that little extra help for this special cause."
On top of the £21m they already receive from statutory bodies via our taxes, that is.

Still, with every recession comes opportunity, eh?


Snowolf said...

I'll send them a donation, I'll stick a fiver in an envelope and send it off with a pinch or two of talc in there with it.

That'll make them panic.

Of course when the old bill come calling I'll just explain it was to help with the nappy changing for all the babies they look after.

Anonymous said...

I must admit the NSPCC have it sown up really.
A sacred cow.

Anonymous said...

They're getting chugged in school now?

Charities are a fucking circle jerk. Oxfam's another one, RSPCA is another, the list goes on and on.

Mark Wadsworth said...

F*** 'em.

Tarquin said...

To what educational purpose was that?

I get the point behind police/drugs/sex talks, but why is a charity asking for cash occupying learning time?

'Today children, we are going to learn about chugging'

Dick Puddlecote said...

Tarquin: Exactly my thoughts on reading the letter (prepared in advance to be sent out the same day the NSPCC employee addressed assembly, it would seem).

It's not a one school-targeted thing, either. The sponsor forms were marked on the back with one of those cheap library date stamps.

One wonders if commission is involved here.

subrosa said...

If this happened in my local school my MSP and MP would know within hours Dick

I pay my taxes to educate children, not for quangos to go in and brainwash them.

Don't tell me you considered a contribution. Don't. Please don't.