Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Another Month, Another Alcoholic Drink Publicity Grab

Well, it worked for Tokyo* beer, who sold out their 3,000 bottle run quick as a flash once the media got a whiff of its 18.2% alcohol content.

I expect this cheeky little number will fare equally well.

An energy drink called Simply Cocaine has been attacked by a charity for glamorising substance abuse.

Garry Shepherd, of Simply Drinks based in Hawkhurst, near Tunbridge Wells, defended the name of the soft drink saying Opium was used as a name for a perfume.

He added: "We are targeting people aged between 18 and 35, people with a sense of humour and feel that it is just a fun name.

"I can't believe that making a lemon fizzy drink, a good tasting drink I must admit, and pouring it into a bottle is glamorising cocaine when you have rock stars and bankers using it and promoting it in songs."

Coming next month. A pear cider packaged with a fake handgun, and playfully labelled "Shooting a copper in the face".


BTS said...

I bet it goes great with vodka though..

And I hear that Stella Artois are planning on re-branding as 'Violent Chav'.

w/v: mistu (is Dick trying to tell me something in textspeak..?)

Curmudgeon said...

You're doing Tokyo* a disservice here, as it is a serious high-quality beer intended to be savoured by connoisseurs as opposed to just some cheap crap designed to appeal to knobheads.

I'm still waiting to taste mine :-)

Dick Puddlecote said...

Agreed, PB. The publicity they garnered has lit an illegal incandescent light bulb above the heads of many purveyors of less worthy alcoholic products though, I fancy.

Grinding and gnashing of teeth sells bottles.

BTS said...

Has anyone thought to brew "I've Got A Massive Cock" yet..?

the key to the cabinet said...

you guys might like this article on different energy drink brand names & marketing...i found this over at on the button: