Friday, 25 September 2009

Coitus (Ipsus?) Interruptus Extreme

This trucker was determined to deliver his load.

A German trucker suspected of driving under the influence of drugs crashed his vehicle near Borås in western Sweden on Tuesday. He subsequently admitted to masturbating at the time of the accident.

The truck and trailer flipped over when he rammed his vehicle into the central division on route 40 south of Borås. The upturned vehicle blocked all traffic towards Gothenburg and one lane was closed in the direction of Borås.

Already amusing and headslapping as that is ...

The trucker, apparently unable to reach a satisfactory climax, then proceeded to continue to pleasure himself while in the midst of a police interrogation, according to the local Borås Tidning newspaper.

... because minor interruptions, such as overturned lorries and a grilling from the police, can be so irritating, can't they?


SaltedSlug said...

That is so fucking brilliant.

Name that film:

"Crazy fucker started jerking off in the waiting room! Instant Section 8."

Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs said...



SaltedSlug said...


Chris said...

I’m deeply angry at this abrogation of duty and responsibility by the police…why? Well, isn’t that perfectly obvious – let’s just examine this.

Now, alright the lorry driver could have found some decent totty…if no good totty was available then he could have used a well used slag, either would have given his hole puncher a thorough work out.
But that’s not the point is it. Why weren’t the cops more pro-active? When presented with his purple and angry throbbing tool they could have given it a gentle slap, or even a tickle…what about a massage with an asbestos glove…anything wrong with a good healthy belt in the balls with a good quality truncheon, or how about a suitably inclined bobby dropping down and blowing his whistle…nice and loud!

Any of these sensitive initiatives would have fostered stronger relationships with the plod. But NO…they just stood by and did nothing!

I have to say the police aren’t what they used to be you know…it’s a pity that isn’t it?

Dick Puddlecote said...

You're right, Chris. The police should have been more understanding. He was driving through Sweden after all. ;-)