Sunday, 27 September 2009

Disappearing Blogs And New Additions

With the erudite and eloquent Costigan Quist deciding to close down his blog, the Himmelgarten Cafe, earlier this week, I've finally been forced to get off my idle backside and tidy up my diminishing blogroll.

It was already becoming rather sparse following the apparent unannounced ceasing of activity from a few favourites. The thought-provoking Womble has stopped wombling free, as has Haddock. Also strangely silent is Banned, whilst Tory Totty's domain has disappeared altogether (a bit worrying, that one, as she was a teacher - hopefully there isn't anything sinister behind it).

So, deprived of my token Lib Dem, I've redressed the balance by adding Charlotte Gore and Liberal Vision instead - they are Lib Dems in name, at least. And as I like looking at funny pictures, Banned's disappearance will be more than adequately compensated by GOT and Lawson Narse.

I've also thrown in a few I've been reading via RSS for a while. Tom Paine, The ASI blog, The Angry Upside-down Brit, and Mummy Long Legs. Oh sod it, may as well stick Rab the ranting sporran jockey on there while I'm at it.

You may have noticed I haven't added a Tory in response to Totty's departure. It's because they don't deserve more representation when they are cranking up their illiberal shite production line, another example of which was highlighted by the Pub Curmudgeon yesterday.

Well, that's one long overdue task done, one day I might get round to giving the whole blog a makeover. But then, I can be a right lazy bastard at times, and considering the fact that, to spend the meagre sum I have set aside, I'd need to find someone to design me something individual (suggestions welcome) and then apply it, don't expect to see much change anytime soon.

Phew! Time to crack open a can and put my feet up again after all that exertion.


subrosa said...

Thanks for telling me about Tory Totty, I just thought she was on a longish holiday. Worrying right enough.

I must see if I can dig out her email but if anyone else has it I'd appreciate that.

Being one of the few woman in the Scottish/British scene it's sad when you lose a blogging friend (even though our view differed greatly at times).

Chris: said...

Dick, If your lazy...then I would like to go on the same diet!

You must be the hardest working blogger around.

No, I'll just stick to some silly pictures like the ones I've just posted on my crap sheet.

I'll leave the real work to you!

I'm going off to soak my head in a wine vat for a few hours...cheers!

Gigits said...

Yes, sadly Tory Totty is no more and it looks like she has deleted her GMail account as well. So, can't even ask her why.


Mummy x said...

Mummy swoons - ta muchly for the link. Sorry you are feeling so deprived, if I can help in any way, well, you know where I am.

Mummy x

Dick Puddlecote said...

Totty has disappeared from Twitter too, it seems. It's looking like she has been locked down by someone. :-(

Gigits said...

Totty going is a great shame.

She was very supportive of my blog and, from e-mail correspondence, a lovely person.

I doubt if her going is anything dramatic. I think she was having some issues at home, so maybe blogging just became too much.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the addition to your blogroll Dick, appreciated ;-)

As for Tp, we always kept in regular contact and I did hear from her recently. She has had a few issues which I can't go into here but suffice to say she is still around and hoping to return to blogging at some point.

Hope that allays your worries a little ;-)

Barking Spider said...

Glad to hear TP is still hoping to come back - she was my very first follower before I'd even put up my first post.
Does anyone know what's happening with Old Bag? I know she was having some personal issues but it's been ages now and she's sorely missed.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Cheers for the link, DP.

Aye, I was going to ask about Old Bag and Tory Totty.

It's funny how you miss folk you haven't even met.

Witterings From Witney said...

So tory totty was a teacher then - in a class apart!

Perhaps she has been 'nailed'?

Lawson Narse said...

Ooooh, ta for the linkage DP!

Tory P seems to be alive and well on Facebook I hope OB is OK too.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's great, thanks Dick :)

Leg-iron said...

Oh, you're just updating your blogroll to annoy me.

I've been meaning to sort mine out for months. Now I'll have to do something about it.


banned said...

Banned here, nothing wrong, just "slightly strange but oddly silent" which I think may be an old hippy reference.