Monday, 7 September 2009

Religions Of The World

The glaring omission is, of course, Healthism - "Shit happens to naughty people only".


Mark Wadsworth said...

Healthism: Shit will happen unless you do as we say.

Global Warmenism: Shit will happen unless you do as we say.

Anonymous said...

LOL but when I saw the heading I thought you were posting about the new religion of Climate (bring your shit to us for composting)Change:

Heard as I was driving home that one of the arch-Righteous has won against dismissal by his employer because his views on climate change - which impact on every area of his life - clashed with his job; his lawyer was able to argue that his client's views constituted as deeply held a belief as any religious or philosophical belief!!!

As Dominic Grieve pointed out in the nanosecond allotted to him by the Beeb, we're now on the path of greed dressed up as green sanctimony claiming financial redress from employers who can't/won't/ shouldn't have to accommodate greenie hysteria (although he put it rather more eloquently...)


Anonymous said...

What about Bloggism

Small insignificant sect found in
one man chapels clicking shit

All seeing eye's

Screaming Banshee said...

Where do you find these things. No matter how hard I try I could never come up with blog posts like you.

Keep it up Dick :-)

BTS said...

Jedi: May the shit be with you.