Thursday, 3 September 2009

The Global War On Irritating Odours

Following the pioneering example of Thorpe Park, the global crackdown on perspiration continues.

HONOLULU -- Honolulu City Council members are considering a proposal to ban riders from buses if their body odor is too stinky.

Under the bill, police could cite riders if their body odor annoyed others and a convicted offender could face up to $500 in fines or six months in prison.

Quite right too. The world's nostrils must be free of all but the smell of sweet meadows and industrial diesel fumes.

So, that's wisps of smoke and BO tackled. Now, let's consider 100 hours community service for farting in public (doubled if silent but deadly), an ASBO for maliciously eating an egg mayonnaise sandwich, and an entry on the nasal offenders' register for Grannies wearing lavender perfume.

H/T The Sensible Medic


BTS said...

So what's the punishment for mp's as they obviously stink..?

TheBigYin said...

This story stinks, just like the smoking ban! (God, I'll need to clean up this computer room, it stinks of stale beer and fags.)

Sam Duncan said...

(doubled if silent but deadly)

How would they find the culprit? Time for The Bottom Inspectors, I think...