Sunday, 6 September 2009

Beer For The Boys

I wouldn't give modern day self-fulfilling charitable businesses charities anything more than the contents of my cat's litter tray in their pre-paid envelopes (yes, CRUK, it's me), but here's a cause I will willingly fork out for.

RAF chiefs are appealing for donations so British troops returning from Afghanistan can enjoy a cold beer on their flight home.

Dutch brewery Grolsch has donated 10,000 cans, enough for all the personnel coming home after six months away from their families. But Wing Cdr Chadwick would like to be able to offer troops a beer on every military flight out of Afghanistan. "It would be nice to do it all year round, not just for the Rip," he said.

Anyone who wants to contribute to the "Beer for the boys" fund can send a cheque, made payable to "SIF Funds, RAF Brize Norton" and with "Beer for the boys" written on the back, to Wing Cdr Chadwick at 216 Squadron, RAF Brize Norton, Oxfordshire OX18 3LX.

Pretty please one of the risk-averse puritannical alcohol nancies goes into 'irresponsible to promote alcohol' mode about this.

Go on, Gilmore/Shenker, I fucking double dare you.


Curmudgeon said...

I hope the soliders aren't Scottish, as the junta/government wouldn't approve, given that they're doing their best to ban alcohol sales to under-21s.

Frank Davis said...

Can you add in a bit more to pay for them to have a packet of cigarettes as well, to smoke with their beer while they've still got a chance?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but this is manipulative bollocks. 'OK, son, you've done stint in fucking hell and you're going home with all your limbs, and not in no box, neither. Have a beer on the grateful folks back home.'

What utter patronising fucking crap! Is this so we can all feel a little better at our abject failure to make this dastardly, trade-obsessed, freedom-hating government get the fuck out of the hellhole it shouldn't be in.

Witterings From Witney said...

DP, I trust the contents of said litter tray will be 'used'?

Donation being hand-delivered tomorrow as it is only about 5 miles from me.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Edgar: I understand that sentiment entirely, but it would seem to me that this initiative is being proposed by one of the soldiers themselves. That changes matters in its favour IMO.

BTS said...

That was my view of it DP - a soldier who knows what he's talking about and therefore knows the benefit. It's particularly because this is such an obscure conflict to get involved in that the troops may appreciate such small acts all the more. I therefore have to disagree with Edgar, although his comments would be entirely justified were it a government initiative. I just don't see that it is.

subrosa said...

Bit difficult by cheque. What about credit card contributions?

They should start a charity. It would be a lot more charitable than one of the usual government funded setups.

Dave said...

Many thanks for the support everyone. I'd like to add this is not Government run. For info on the origins of Beer for the Boys please visit

Again many thanks for the support.


Vik Evans said...

Just to redress a few misunderstood comments here:

This is not being done by soldiers, its been started and entirely funded for the past 2 yrs since conception by the RAF personnel serving on 216 Squadron TriStars, RAF Brize Norton.

It is not being funded by taxpayers unless you as an individual wish to make a donation.

It is NOT patronisiing crap. Beleive me, when you have done 6 mths in Afghanistan, and someone on the long flight home hands you a beer - something you havent had a sniff of for that length of time - it really makes you realise you are going home!

Want to learn more about this? Visit the official website at

I for one am damned proud to be a part of this appeal ... my husband works on 216 Sqn, and they have made over 28,000 troops very happy with this simple yet powerful gesture.

Beer For Soldiers said...

If your in the U.S. Beer For Soldiers is coordinating beer for soldier homecomings in the States. Thanks for the hard work that others were unwilling to do, and welcome home.