Friday, 18 September 2009

Yet Scooby Is Still Naked

Personally, I reckon denying the latent charms of Daphne and Velma to pubescent movie-goers in the Middle East is cruel beyond belief.

If the hormonal youngster harbours urges towards Scooby-Doo, however, the amended poster is a gift from Allah.


SaltedSlug said...

This reminds me: You remember Rainbow? And how Bungle used to wear pyjamas when it was bedtime? Doesn't that mean he was wandering around in the raw all the rest of the time?

It's no wonder I turned out like I did, exposed to filth like that from such a young age.

BTS said...

You were exposed to Bungle or he exposed himself to you? I'm just not sure which way round it works..

More importantly, did you get an autograph..?

Dick Puddlecote said...

Pink George with male voice and big girlie eyelashes was a bit confusing too.

Harriet Harman wouldn't know whether to call it a bastard or promote it to the cabinet.

JuliaM said...

But, surely the dog is haram anyway...?

Sam Duncan said...

That link is extraordinary. I like they way they didn't bother translating TGI Friday's slogan into Arabic. “In here it's always Friday“ probably has somewhat different connotations in Dubai.

But what I want to know - me no speakee Russki - is, did they actually re-touch every single frame of the movie with Daph and Velma in? Or did they just give it an 18 certificate?

Chris F J Cyrnik said...

Whatever would they have made of the Lone Ranger out there in the Middle East? One of my all time heroes as a boy growing up in the fifties…he, his trusty horse Silver, and his faithful side kick Tonto, made me grow up mean and tough.

Times were hard and frugal back then, but still my mum and dad managed to buy me the only present I ever wanted…a cowboy outfit! Many of you could never understand what a thrill that was.

So, what was in my cowboy kit treasure trove – eh? Well, for starters a ten-gallon hat which sat uncomfortably on my two pint head, then a little waistcoat, and finally the big prize…a bejewelled six gun and holster set, the holster was real leather too; the kit was complete with caps to fire whenever I went into action.

I used to practice my draw for days on end, in front of our 9 inch grainy black and white television set, and there came a time when I could outdraw the Lone Ranger himself. I thought I heard the Lone Ranger in one episode call me out to draw on him, but mum and dad advised me against it…in fact dad soundly smacked my bottom and sent me to my room in disgrace for even daring to think I could do such a thing – I never tried to pull that stunt again!

I remember hearing the Lone Ranger tell Tonto once that he had nice big soft strong hands, and that he could sometimes put them to better use…I always wondered what they both got up to when they rode out of town at the end of each episode.

Happy days…hi, ho Silver away!

BTS said...

Whatever happened to the Dog's Bollocks..?