Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Time For A Break

It's all too much. I've got to get away from all this illiberal dribble, so I'm popping down to the seaside. Bournemouth, to be precise.

Oh ... hold on.


Chris said...

Don't forget to buy a balloon on a stick to bully nannies with...and of course a funny hat!

Have fun Dick.

Jeannie Armstrong said...

It's ok..Iain Dale reckons there's only a hundred of them down there...and anyway....you can shout 'Nonsense' all day long at them and they still won't bat an eyelid..and you still won't be able to tell which one is Mick Clegg either.

Fanny Puddlecote said...

Don't forget my stick of rock and one for the little dicks

Junican said...

If you are going to the Libdem conf, I hope that you have a jolly good giggle. Do report.