Tuesday, 1 September 2009

A Tory Manifesto Pledge?

"The party of social responsibility, not state control - and in Britain today, that is the Conservative Party."

David Cameron, August 2009

James Brokenshire has (again) been showing us all exactly how such avoidance of state control is to be handled under the Tories.

He explained: “Conservatives would strengthen controls on licensing, ban below-cost sales of alcohol and use targeted taxes on high strength products.”

It's going to be a right breath of fresh air, and no mistake.


Anonymous said...

out of idle interest, what is a 'high strength product '?

Anonymous said...

duh, forget it. he means spirits.

Curmudgeon said...

The reports said that they meant beers and ciders above 5.5% ABV, which may be popular with heavy drinkers, but have an utterly trivial role in alcohol-related disorder (the scale of which is in any case much exaggerated).

Pogo said...

The more I hear of that twat, the more likely I am either to (a) vote for UKIP, (b) emigrate, or (c) both.

Anonymous said...

I think I'm going to campaign on an Independent Anti-Spam ticket in my local constituency next election.

And I'll bet right here and now, that I'd get more votes than the poor sap who was put up by El-Puck in Norwich.


BTS said...

I'd really like to hurt that little tosser. And I'll make sure I'm stone cold sober when I do. I don't do sober but for him I'll make an exception.