Monday, 28 September 2009

Obama Sends His Waxwork Replica To Official Function

From here, the full eclectic range of 130 Obama smiles condensed into 22 seconds. All those years of hard mirror work paid off, then.


Chris: said...

There is a straightforward explanation here. If you look closely at Barack Obama’s face, you can just about see the faint outline of clear sellotape on both cheeks pulling his face into a consistent rictus grin. That’s why you never see the back of his head….there’s a big bunch of knotted string holding the sellotape in place.

This doesn’t work of course with Gordon because of his runaway lower mandible.

This information comes to you courtesy of the ‘Shepton Mallet Institute of No-Nonsense’…just behind the old brewery.

Anonymous said...

There is no old brewery in Shepton Mallet, but if there were, it would be a perfect place for the 'Shepton Mallet Institute of No-Nonsense', except that breweries, traditionally, are built on riverbanks for water supply, so it would really have to be 'Shepton Mallet Floating Institute of No-Nonsense'.

banned said...

Edgar, Wrong !
"The Anglo-Bavarian Brewery was opened in 1864, becoming England's first lager brewer. The Brewery closed in the 1920s and now exists historic landmark, housing various shops and businesses."
Super video Dick, if real. Adds new meaning to the phrase 'rictus grin'.

Screaming Banshee said...

I loved this video, it made me piss myself.

Could you imagine if there was a video for the faces of Brown. How many people would have to go out and buy a new computer screen and the local hospitals would have patients with cut up fists coming out of their ears.