Monday, 14 September 2009

Labour Won't Listen To The Electorate As Long As They Have A Hole In Their Arse

Is it just because it's Monday that today has been filled with an overwhelming gloom of reading about the exploits of seriously sick-minded and selfish arse biscuits? Or do we have to put up with this cunting nonsense forever?

Ed Balls, the alarmist boggle-eyed cretin previously credited debited with such monumentally hectoring initiatives such as closing down food businesses because they are near to parks - and kids play in parks - ergo kids will get fat if said business is allowed to remain, has now decided to look again at the vetting procedure which has caused a huge, and rightfully so, shitstorm of condemnation.

What he has not done, of course (because he is Labour, and Labour never do anything for us per se, merely for their own dogmatic ideology), is to work out that the country have not asked for it, do not want it, and are quite happy with how things are bowling along quite nicely as they are, thank you very much.

I mentioned before that when in a hole, they can't relinquish their grasp of the spade, and this surely proves it beyond doubt. I mean, fuck my old worn-out Burton boots, if even uber-kiddie-bubble-wrapper Esther Rantzen tells the odious cock-sockets that they are wrong, but their reaction is to merely 'look again' and throw it back into the spin machine to be recycled in a slightly different form, what chance any of us?

How are we supposed to beat these quite astonishing dictatorial shitsticks? They regularly find some obscure statistic which shows a 50.5% agreement (almost always fiddled and manipulated to be so) with any one of their daft policies, whether it was in their manifesto or not, then trumpet it as a resounding mandate for bringing in the law they wish to inflict, and, according to them, the people have spoken and Labour have listened.

However, when a huge majority tell them to take their sorry arses away to a cave and club each other to death with their own heavy duty filing cabinets, they somehow forget, or dispense with, the will of the people entirely.

Boy, they have truly learned from the EU constitution/treaty sleight of hand, eh?

Throw into the mix that one of their prime state-funded fake charities has been busy today spreading false statistics about one of the other laws that they passed without even a hint of electoral mandate, and it's a quite stunning day in the continuing Labour war against the public.

Labour are quite unutterably horrendous and it's vital that they are destroyed comprehensively as an electoral force.

Please. Always, always make sure you remember the egregious assaults on our freedoms in the past few years (which are accelerating the more we approach election day) if you, or anyone you know, is ever tempted to vote for these hideous, community-damaging Labour cunts again.

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BTS said...

I thought 'looking again' was something you did before crossing the road..?

Sam Duncan said...

Bravo, sir! If I had the cash, I'd have this printed up and posted to every address in the country during the election campaign. Absolutely spot on.